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Dyed Carnations for Fall Floral Designs: Beauties!

You love it, or you hate it, but dyed flowers are here to stay! They offer such a plethora of design options, they simply cannot be ignored by floral designers. But there are a lot of different “look and feels” if you take a closer look at the dyed products in the Holex webshop range. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to the stunning dyed Carnations that we offer!

Carnation Dyed Brownies

Carnations dyed Brownies are a feast for the eye. Take a look at the stunning pattern the brown-colored veins create on each delicate petal. Looks gorgeous in combination with Eustoma (Lisianthus) Rosanne Deep Brown.

Carnation painted Brownies

Carnation Dyed Latte

The “milky” variety of Brownies is Latte: this Carnation has a more cream-colored base and the veins are colored lighter brown. Fits amazingly with Ilex Golden Verboom, but also with cream-colored or brown-colored flowers.

Carnation painted Latte

Carnation Dyed Vintage

How could someone not love this Carnation variety? The light pink base and hot pink and brown-colored ruffled edges of Carnation Dyed Vintage is simply breathtaking! This variety matches perfectly with Eustoma (Lisianthus) Alissa Dyed Brownies and bleached products!

Carnation painted Vintage

How do Carnations Get Dyed?

There are multiple ways to dye flowers. In general, there are three options: to dip-dye them, to airbrush them, or to absorb-dye them. Dyed Carnations are dyed by absorption. This means that paint is put in water, and the ends of the stems of the Carnations are cut (so they can absorb in the best way). Then the stems are put in the water for a number of hours. The water with the paint travels through the stems to the blooms and the paint is distributed through the veins of the petals. Don’t you agree that the outcome looks amazing!

A Thing You Might Not Know About Carnations

Carnations are available year-round, and therefore a perfect flower to use in bouquet collections. Their appearance makes them perfect for all kinds of event designs, like weddings and holiday decorations. But do you know that the Carnation also has a special symbolism? Read all about it in our blog post about Mother’s Day symbolism!

Design Inspiration with Carnations

Visit our Carnation Pinterest mood board for more design inspiration with Carnations!

Dyed Carnations in The Holex Webshop

In the Holex webshop, you can find the available Carnations when you search for “Carnation Dyed”. Make sure that you select a delivery date one day ahead, to make sure that you will receive the prettiest ones!

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