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Amazing Dyed Fall Flowers and Greens

The fall season is almost starting, and this also means the start of a colorful period of the year! Red, yellow, orange, and brown are well-used colors at this time of the year. And a lot of flowers and greens will be available in these colors! Besides the traditional fall colors, we have selected some amazing dyed fall flowers and greens in trendy colors. Spice up your floral fall designs with these beauties in the coming weeks!

Dyed Quercus Leaves

Quercus Dyed Milka and Quercus Dyed Apricot
Quercus Dyed Blue

Dyed Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Cinerea Dyed Monet
Eucalyptus Cinerea Dyed Picasso

Dyed Carnation

Carnation Dyed Brownies

Dyed Chamaecyparis

Chamaecyparis Dyed Light Pink and Chamaecyparis Dyed Bordeaux

Dyed Nutan

Nutan Dyed Dark Lilac
Nutan Dyed New Pink
Nutan Dyed Erica

Dyed Fall Flowers and Greens in The Holex Webshop

In our webshop, you can find a wide range of amazing dyed fall flowers and greens. Use the color picker or collections in the left menu to specify your search, and the most beautiful items will come up! Contact your Holex Account Manager for more information about the availability and pricing of the products in this blog post.

Fall Floral Design Inspiration

Visit our blog for more fall design inspiration, or take a look at our Pinterest boards!

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