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Eye-Catching Blue Flowers

Blue flowers can spice up your floral designs because they bring a great contrast to other – warm – tones! Blue has many faces: from the sweet looking pastel light blue of Hydrangea Verena Blue to the sturdy looking, deep blue colored Delphinium Dewi Blue Star. Our buyers have selected their favorite eye-catching blue flowers from our cooler!

Eye-Catching Blue Flowers:

  1. Agapanthus Susan – When the flowers of Agapanthus Susan open up, they bring a nice texture to your floral design. Because of the firm stem, this flower can be used perfectly in large and tall arrangements.
  2. Myosotis Blue – Look at those superromantic little flowers, aren’t they just lovely? Myosotis is great to use for wedding designs: from corsages to small rustic table designs and even in the bridal bouquet.
  3. Centaurea Cyanus – Centaurea Cyanus, also known as Starthistle, look like they are picked right from the field! If you are looking for flowers for a rustic summer wedding, this one cannot be missed out.
  4. Oxypetalum Coeruleum – Another very romantic light blue flower: the Oxypetalum. This flower can also be used very well in bohemian-chic spirited designs because this tone of blue matches great with greyish colors.
  5. Delphinium Ballkleid – If you want to go for pastels, don’t forget this stunning Delphinium! Ballkleid has such a light blue color, it almost looks unreal. Matches great with other pastel colored flowers!
  6. Muscari Blue – Muscari, also known as Grape Hyacinth, is so cute! Just put a few stems in a little vase for a great effect. Or use them in corsages and boutonnieres!
  7. Eryngium Magnetar Questar – These thistles have such a mesmerizing blue color! The texture and shape of the flowers are also very distinct. A perfect product to use if you want something different.
  8. Gentiana Blue Sky – Gentiana is a real summer flower, and Blue Sky is undoubtedly the best-known variety. If you have a wedding scheduled that has a blue color scheme, this is a must-have. One of the prettiest eye-catching blue flowers!
  9. Hydrangea Verena Blue – Hydrangea Verena Blue looks lovely and matches great with all other tones of blue, whites, greens… Well, they just match great with any other color!
  10. Delphinium Dewi Blue Star – If you want to make a statement with blue, this Delphinium variety will be your flower-of-choice! Dewi Blue Star has a very intense dark blue color and truly belongs in the list of eye-catching blue flowers.
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