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Fall Flowers for Rainy Days

Fall bashed into Holland! The days over here are filled with rain, greyness, and wet leaves. We decided to put together a list of flowers that can brighten up this time of the year! See below which fall flowers for rainy days we’ve selected.

Celosia Haute Couture

This Celosia variety is not only fashionable in fall time, its color will enchant every day of the year! This vintage-looking cockscomb matches perfectly with all tones of orange, brown, and apricot.

Celosia Haute Couture

Brassica (Kale) Crane Queen

Who says that fall is only about yellow, orange, and red? The big purple-colored Brassica (Kale) variety Crane Queen represents this season perfectly. Its serrated leaves give each stem a very distinguished appeal!

Brassica (Kale) Crane Queen

Eustoma (Lisianthus) dyed Double Alissa Heavenly Peach

We are still in love with the absorbed-dyed Lisianthus! Heavenly Peach has delicate-looking peach veins on its pure white double bloom. A feast for the eye!

Eustoma (Lisianthus) painted Double Alissa Heavenly Peach

Dianthus (Carnation) dyed Vintage

Vip Roses by Sassen has developed a new masterpiece: Dianthus (Carnation) dyed Vintage! An amazing vintage pink absorbed dyed bloom with dark brown edges.

Dianthus (Carnation) painted Vintage

Palm Spears Naturel

We don’t know about you, but over here it’s cold, rainy, and cloudy… We don’t need more reasons to already start longing for next summer! Brighten up your floral designs with Palm Spears Naturel, one of THE trendiest dried products in our range at the moment.

Palm Spears Naturel

Leucospermum (Nutan) High Gold

A ray of hope in dark fall times, that is exactly what this beautiful bright yellow Nutan variety is. Not only its color will amaze your customers, but also the instant texture that this product will add to any floral design.

Leucospermum (Nutan) High Gold

Lathyrus (Sweetpea) dyed Autumn Magic

The fragrance of this gorgeous Lathyrus (Sweetpea) variety is amazing. Combined with a lovely moody brown color makes this a flower that will be embraced by any customer in fall time.

Lathyrus (Sweetpea) painted Autumn Magic

Chamaecyparis dyed Burgundy

Chamaecyparis is a well-known winter greenery type, but did you know that it is already available in fall season? We have a great selection of dyed varieties, and burgundy is one of the amazing colors.

Chamaecyparis painted Burgundy

Fall Flowers for Rainy Days in The Holex Webshop

You can look up the products mentioned above in our webshop, by using the alphabet at the right side of the window, of the search bar. For design inspiration, visit our Pinterest Fall Mood board! If you have any questions about ordering or availability, please contact your Holex Account Manager.

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