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8 Amazing Fall Greens & Grasses You Should Stock up on

Fall season has begun, and our cold room is filled with amazing fall greens & grasses! Fall is the season where designers can use rich colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown. Dare to combine them with gold and copper tones, and surprise your customers! Read all about which fall greens & grasses are our favorites in this blog post.

Asparagus Dyed 1st Feathers

The Asparagus family is a big one, and each variety is also available in a wide palette of dyed colors. 1st Feathers Asparagus has a very delicate appearance and is perfect to use in smaller floral decorations and bouquets. Try them in dyed Copper or Red, it matches beautifully with the typical fall colors yellow and orange!

Leucothoe Walteri Ra

Although Leucothoe is mostly known as a garden shrub, it is also available as cut green! Walteri Ra has an amazing mixture of fall-spirited colors on its petals. Perfect for rustic fall bouquets!

Cotinus Green Fountain

Have you ever spotted this Cotinus (Smoke Bush) variety before in our webshop? These flowers are specifically grown for cut flower purposes! Green Fountain has large open terminal panicles with a fluffy grayish-buff appearance, resembling a cloud of smoke. People will surely remember its distinct look, therefore Green Fountain belongs in our list of amazing fall greens & grasses!


Pennisetum is a perfect grass to use in vintage and bohemian fall floral designs. It instantly adds texture, but because of its delicate appearance and soft sandy color, it really breaths out romance. A great wedding signature product, which can be used in the bridal bouquet and corsages as well in larger floral decorations like centerpieces and moon gates!

Panicum Dyed Warrior

Panicum adds air to any floral design. It is available in our webshop with a stem length of 90 cm, which ensures a lot of design possibilities! Warrior is available in “natural”, but also in a lot of “dyed” varieties! For the fall season, stock up on dyed Brown, Yellow, or Orange!

Acacia Luna d’Argento

The greyish green color of Acacia Luna d’Argento gives this fall green a real vintage look. Combine it with other greyish-colored products to create a rustic or boho-chic floral design! Luna d’Argento is available in stem length 60 cm in our webshop. Sad but true: we cannot ship Acacia to US-based customers, due to phytosanitary rules.

Cotinus Royal Purple

Who is unfamiliar with Cotinus Coggygria Royal Purple, should really try it! The deep Bordeaux-colored leaves really breathe fall, and they cannot be missed in our list of amazing fall greens & grasses. Create amazing floral fall designs by using this green!

Acacia Baileyana

Baileyana is another Acacia variety that cannot be missed in fall designs. Just as it’s cousin Luna d’Argento, we cannot ship it to the US, but we like to present it to customers located at other destinations. The countless fragile petals of Baileyana are colored greyish green, with hints of burgundy. A true masterpiece by nature!

Design Inspiration with Fall Greens & Grasses

For fall design inspiration, visit our Pinterest mood boards Fall Floral Inspiration, and Fall Wedding Inspiration!

Fall Greens & Grasses in The Holex Webshop

When you log in to our webshop, you can find the fall greens & grasses presented in this blog post by searching for the variety name. If you have any questions about availability or pricing, please contact your Holex Account Manager.

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