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Fall Wedding Trend 2019: Floral Moon Gate

You already been informed about two fall wedding trends for 2019. The Real Floral Accessories and the Mono Flower. In this blogpost we will tell you about the last trend. The Floral Moon Gate.

The Floral Moon Gate

Floral Moon Gate | Holex Flower

The colors in nature during fall are warm and lovable. No wonder that the floral moon gate is  a real trend for fall weddings in 2019. The large circle filled with the most beautiful flowers is placed behind the happy couple. This creates a very romantic setting and connects the two lovebirds even more. It also creates a wonderful photo location. There is a lot of diversity in floral moon gates. They can be used indoors or outdoors, are open at the bottom or closed, or partially or completely covered with flowers. There are so many options that the floral moon gate is a fall wedding trend that can be used by a lot of couples.

Suitable Flowers

Since the flowers need to last quite long on the day of the wedding, the best option is to stick the flowers in floral foam or use water tubes. The foam or tubes need to be attached to the gate. Since the flowers are hydrated, a lot of different flowers can be used. For example Amaranthus, Spray Roses, Classic Hydrangea, Setaria and Hyerpicum. For the greens Eucalyptus is perfect. It is a highly decorative green and fits perfectly with the fall season.

Pinterest board to inspire you

To inspire you and your customers, we have created a Pinterest board with an overload of pictures. Enjoy the beauty of the floral moon gate. A true fall wedding trend for 2019. Take a look at our Pinterest board here.

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