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Fall Wedding Trend 2019: The Mono Flower

Last week we showed you part 1 of the fall wedding trends of 2019, the real floral accessories. Now we will take a closer look at another fall wedding trend for 2019; The Mono Flower.

The mono flower trend perfectly fits in the modern minimalist trend that we covered earlier. This fall you will see a lot of wedding bouquets where only a single flower is used. This can be simply just one stem or a single stem with added greens.

Mono Bouquet Trend | Holex Flower

The Flowers Used

The flowers used for a mono wedding flower “bouquet” are always large. A large Calla Lily, Rose or Brassica are no exceptions. Besides the use of a single stem, greens are also added sometimes. The greens used the most are Eucalyptus, Aspidistra, Hosta and Monstera. This is also very dependent of the feeling that you are looking for. Monstera, for example, gives a very botanical and boho look to your fall wedding.


In fall, the most popular colors are the ones that match with the season itself. Yellow, orange, brown and red remain the most popular colors for weddings in this time of year. Surprisingly enough, there is also an upcoming trend with using pastel colors pink and pastel.

Pinterest board to inspire you

To inspire you and your customers, we have created a Pinterest board with an overload of pictures. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the mono flower. A true fall wedding trend for 2019. Take a look at our Pinterest board here.

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