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Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers [2019]

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it is time to fill up those coolers with the prettiest products available! Our buyers have selected their favorite Mother’s Day flowers, and we are curious which ones you like most!

Maybe the Beautiful Hydrangea Scheenball, Verena Pink, or maybe a Rose like Lovely Dolomiti or White Naomi? Check our the list below and contact your account manager or visit our webshop.

Cymbidium Delmonte

Cymbidium Delmonte

Delmonte is a wonderful Cymbidum with a light pink color and various shades of pink at the lips.

Hydrangea Schneeball

Schneeball Hydrangea

A large white ball of beauty. Hydrangea Scheeball is great for bouquets or centerpieces!

Hydrangea Verena Pink

Verena Pink Hydrangea

Hydrangea Verena Pink has large pink, pastel colored petals.

Rose Lovely Dolomiti

Dolomiti is a very sweet and soft pink colored Rose that looks great in bouquets and centerpieces.

Spray Rose Pink Bubbles

Such a beautiful Spray Rose. Try this in a bouquet and you will be amazed.

Lathyrus Wedding White

This little, delicate flower has a beautiful pink colored edge on every petal.

Peony Mother’s Choice

Peony Mother's Choice | Holex Flower

A pure white explosion is what you will see when Mother’s Choice fully opens!

Peony Sarah Bernardt

Sarah Bernardt Peony

Sarah Bernardt is for sure one of our favorite Peonies. Great look and a good vase life.

Rose White Naomi

White Naomi has a very good vase life and has a very pleasant fragrance.

Tulip Barcelona

Once Tulip Barcelona opens you will see a hot pink colored beauty with a wonderful shape.

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