Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers [Buyer’s Choice]

Designing for a spring wedding, what else can be more fun? The range of flowers that can be used is almost limitless, the colors are overwhelming romantic and all burst out love! All those wonderful pastel colors, gentle shapes, and lovely fragrances… It is almost too hard to make decisions what to display. Our buyers have selected some favorite blooms of the moment and we made a list of their favorite spring wedding flowers. Be inspired!

Spring Wedding Flowers | Holex Flower

  1. Hydrangea Verena Light Pink – This gorgeous light pink shaded Hydrangea is simply stunning! A perfect flower to use for large wedding centerpieces.
  2. Astilbe Europa – Add softness to a wedding bouquet with the feathery looking Astilbe.
  3. Brunia Albiflora – This Brunia adds texture to your designs, and the greyish green color fits perfect with rustic and bohemian vintage floral design themes.
  4. Scabiosa Lavender Scoop – These happy looking flowers are available in a range of different pink and purple colors; the Lavender Scoop has a nice pastel color which is very suitable for wedding designs.
  5. Ranunculus Aazur Pink – If you want to use color, go for Ranunculus! Our favorite at the moment is the Aazur Pink variety: pink will always be the color of romance!
  6. Calla Captain Melrose – the very light pink shade of this Calla Lily variety has a romantic appearance. Perfect for an elegant wedding!
  7. Lathyrus Odoratus Salmon – The lovely fragrance of Lathyrus brings extra joy to every wedding design. Lathyrus has short stems, but can be used perfectly in flower crowns, corsages, and little wedding bouquets.
  8. Ozoth Sussex Silver – The sturdy green branches of Ozoth Sussex are almost silver colored! Perfect for bohemian and rustic themed wedding designs.
  9. Lisianthus Croma Lavender Improved – Lisianthuses are the perfect spring wedding flowers. This variety has an amazing lavender color, which suits great with all other tones of purple wedding flowers!
  10. Hydrangea Schneeball – The pure white Hydrangea variety Schneeball is very versatile and can be used in many styles: from elegant to modern, from classic to bohemian; and because of the many available stem lengths this flower is simply a designer’s dream!
  11. Rose Cappucino – The breathtaking color of Rose Cappucino matches great with peach, cream, and apricot colored flowers. So if your bride is looking for something special (and affordable!), opt for this beauty!
  12. Freesia Bohemian – A classic beauty, the Freesia, which cannot be missed at a wedding. The lovely fragrance will create a nice memory of your couple’s big day, whenever they will smell it in the future. Bohemian has a nice shade of lavender which works very nice with other purples, like this year’s Pantone Color of The Year Ultraviolet.
  13. Spray Rose Cream Gracia – Gracia, what’s in a name? The little cream-colored blooms of this gorgeous spray Rose are very graceful. Perfect spring wedding flowers!
  14. Calla Ventura – Calla Lilies are always a good choice if you are looking for modern, classy, elegant flowers for your wedding designs. Ventura is almost pure white and is, therefore, a perfect symbol of pure love!
  15. Garden Rose O’Hara Pink – A wedding isn’t complete without some Garden Roses, don’t you think? Our spring favorite is the O’Hara Pink, which opens up amazingly.
  16. Veronica Smart Fountain – A flower that grabs the attention, that is the spray Veronica variety Smart Fountain. No doubt that the wedding guests will be pleasantly surprised by finding extraordinary looking products in the floral designs.
  17. Delphinium Ajacis White – If you want to design larger centerpieces, Delphinium Ajacis is a great flower to use. Our favorite for this spring wedding flowers list is the white variety, which can be combined with every other color.