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Flowers for U.S. Memorial Day [2019]

US Memorial Day flowers are available in the colors red, white and blue. We’ve made a selection of beautiful red, white and blue colored flowers that we offer below. Check out the flowers and contact your Account Manager or visit our webshop to order.

Red Flowers for Memorial Day

Red Flowers for Memorial Day | Holex Flower

  1. Tulip Seadov
  2. Dianthus Barbatus Aldo Bordeaux
  3. Callistemon Regelia
  4. Carnation Grand Slam
  5. Rose Red Ribbon
  6. Tulip Strong Love
  7. Sweetheart Rose Red Calypso
  8. Spray Rose Mirabel
  9. Achillea Paprika
  10. Alstroemeria Rome
  11. Dianthus Barbatus Baron Breanthus
  12. Pincushion Nutan Succession
  13. Spray Carnation Solomio Edo
  14. Peony Diana Parks
  15. Hypericum Magical Triumph
  16. Frilled Tulip Versace
  17. Dichelostemma Red Princess

White Flowers for Memorial Day

White Flowers for Memorial Day | Holex Flower

  1. Campanula Medium White
  2. Veronica Caya
  3. Trachelium White Lake Michigan
  4. Peony Duchesse de Nemours
  5. Muscari Siberian Tiger
  6. Freesia Ambiance
  7. Tulip Royal Virgin
  8. Lisianthus Rosita White
  9. Calla Crystal White
  10. Sweetheart Rose Akito
  11. Phlox Whitecap
  12. Carnation White Liberty
  13. Delphinium Silky White

Blue Flowers for Memorial Day

Blue Flowers for Memorial Day | Holex Flower

  1. Eryngium Supernova
  2. Amsonia Night Sky
  3. Scilla Blue
  4. Oxypetalum Coeroleum
  5. Delphinium Blue Shadow
  6. Rose Vendela
  7. Delphinium Ballkleid
  8. Centaurea Cyanus
  9. Hydrangea Da Vinci
  10. Gentiana Blue Sky
  11. Gilia Leptantha
  12. Muscari Big Smile
  13. Nigella Damascena Blue

Red, Blue and White Flowers in Our Webshop

Our cooler is stuffed with the most beautiful red, blue and white flower. Visit our webshop here or contact your personal Account manager for more information, availability and to order these amazing flowers.

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