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Forsythia Available Now!

This Forsythia season is going to be amazing! Did you know each Forsythia branch needs to undergo a “frosting period”, and is forced afterwhile to be able to give the prettiest blooms? This period is now ending, and we have large numbers available, just in time for the Chinese New Year!

How Forsythia is Being Grown

As we already mentioned, Forsythia has an extraordinary cultivation. Earlier, we brought a visit to grower Van Der Jagt to show you how the growing and forcing is done. Read all about it in this blog post!

Forsythia in the Holex Webshop

In the Holland department of the Holex webshop, you can find our Forsythia offerings. You can order Forsythias with stems length between 110 and 180 cm! If you have any questions about ordering, amounts, or pricing, please contact your Holex Account Manager.

More about Forsythia

Would you like to know more about these beautiful branches with their joyful yellow blooms? Visit the Forsythia flowerwiki page to learn all about its origin, symbolism, and shop care tips!

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