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12+ Fresh Cut Thanksgiving Flowers Available in Bulk

Last week, we shared with you a selection of dried flowers for Thanksgiving, that go well with the color trends for this year. Now that it’s only one week away, you might want to start stocking up on your fresh flowers for Thanksgiving as well.

That’s why we selected the best fresh cut flowers, for all your customer’s centerpiece, bouquet and arrangement desires. You can find and order them via our webshop.

Before we start, just a quick refresher. Last week, we identified these color themes as being in style for this year’s Thanksgiving:

  • Orange and White
  • Pink and Grey
  • Pale Yellow and Orange
  • Burgundy and Brass
  • White and Purple
  • Black and Gold

A thanksgiving flower centerpiece

Inspire your customers with flowers for their Thanksgiving table, or to make an eye-catching Thanksgiving centerpiece. For example, the centerpiece that we made for you this week. We used the following flowers, that bring the Thanksgiving spirit to any table:

  • Astrantia Million Star
  • Clematis Amazing London
  • Helleborus Winter Bells
  • Leucospermum Nutan Succession
  • Leucadendron Plumosum Rubrum
  • Anigozanthos Gold Fever

Watch the video here

Thanksgiving flowers in bulk

At Holex Flower, you can find a wide selection of both dried flowers, and fresh-cut flowers available for wholesale. We ship flowers from Holland all around the world, but our assortment isn’t limited to the Netherlands. Our account managers are always looking for the best growers and striving to get the best deal for you, looking to buy your flowers in bulk.

The list below is therefore just a sample of everything we have to offer.

Alstroemeria Hawaiian Dream

Ideal as the eye-catcher if you choose white and purple as your colors for this year’s Thanksgiving. Alstroemeria is also a symbol of friendship, an excellent message for the Holidays!

Leucospermum Nutan Succession

One of the flowers used in our Thanksgiving centerpiece. The orange and pale yellow hues are a color scheme of their own.

Asparagus Setaceus Grey

Did you choose pink and grey as your colors for this year, but still want that extravagant feeling at the dinner table? Asparagus Setaceus Grey is the way to go.

Anigozanthos Gold Fever

One of the flowers used in our Thanksgiving centerpiece. Is your color theme for this year Orange and Pale Yellow? Anigozanthos Gold Fever is the flower for you!

Chrysanthemum Anastasia White Orange

Orange and White are at the top of our list of color themes. If that is your palette of choice, there is no better flower to take center stage than this Chrysanthemum.

Eryngium Painted Silver

… and top it off with some Eryngium Painted Silver.

Astrantia Million Star

One of the flowers used in our Thanksgiving centerpiece. White is featured in multiple color schemes this year, so you can’t really go wrong with Astrantia Million Star.

Clematis Amazing London

One of the flowers used in our Thanksgiving centerpiece. Would fit nicely in a purple and white table setting.

Brunia Spray Silver

Silver isn’t on our list of Thanksgiving color themes, but Housebeautiful did select silver berries as one of the style tips for this year.

Eucalyptus Baby Blue

An excellent addition to your grey themed Thanksgiving bouquet, to add a nice natural touch.

Eucalyptus Cinerea Painted Silver

Spice up your grey Thanksgiving centerpiece with Eucalyptus Cinerea painted silver…

Helleborus Winterbells

One of the flowers used in our Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Order your flowers for Thanksgiving online

Wouldn’t you say that the period prior to Thanksgiving is already chaotic enough, without you having to worry about all the hassle that comes with importing flowers?

We thought so.

That is why at Holex Flower, we work every day to make importing flowers as easy as possible. We got decades of experience in handling fresh cut flowers for export in the right way, to ensure a long vase life. Customs, shipping, and freight documents? We know how to handle that.

Let us worry about all that, so that you don’t have to. You can just focus on making a great Thanksgiving presentation for your customers, and selling as many flowers as possible.

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