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Grower Visit to GIA Flowers

GIA Flowers is one of our trusted growers of high-quality Fritillaria, located in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. They are a true Fritillaria expert for over ten years. There is a small greenhouse where Fritillaria’s are grown, but the vast majority is grown outdoors on the field. The flowers that are cut from the field have a darker, more intense color and have a firmer stem.

Fritillaria Persica standing proudly in the field

The flowers grown at Gia Flowers are grown, handled and processed with extreme care to guarantee high quality.

More About Fritillaria and Gia Flowers

If you’re curious about more background information of the Fritillaria than be sure to check out our Flowerwiki page here, also, we brought an earlier visit to GIA Flowers last year and made a video. That video can be watched here.

Availability at Holex

The varieties of Fritillaria from GIA Flowers that we offer include:

  • Meleagris
  • Meleagris Alba
  • Uva Vulpis
  • Hermonis
  • Pallidiflora
  • Persica
  • Rubra Max
  • Elwesii
  • Garland Star
  • Lutea
  • Ivory Bells
  • Radeana

Contact your account manager or visit our webshop to check for availability and to order these great Fritillaria varieties!

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