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Halloween Flowers Wholesale Guide

Halloween centerpiece with Solidago painted Black, Nutan painted Black, Viburnum Inge, Quercus painted Orange, Calla Captain Odeon,
and Hydrangea Ruby Chocolate Classic

Halloween, the time of the year where one’s house turns into a spooky mansion, children pass by the doors all dressed up, and when the oddest flowers and greenery can be used in frightening floral designs! In this Halloween flowers wholesale guide we’ll show you which flowers are must-haves for your floral wholesale range, and how these can be used excellently by your customers in Halloween designs!

Halloween Wholesale Flowers to Stock up on

All-time favorite flowers to use in Halloween decorations are, of course, mainly colored orange and “black”. Below are the products you surely need to offer in your Halloween flowers wholesale range.

Hydrangea Ruby Chocolate Classic – Look at the intriguing darkish burgundy color of this Hydrangea! The fact that this is Ruby Chocolate in a Classic version, even makes it prettier.

Ilex Golden Verboom – This Ilex variety has amazing yellow berries. They will bring a perfect contrast if your customers use dark colored flowers in their bouquets! And doesn’t each berry reminds you of the sight of a full moon?

Viburnum Inge – If your customers want to use natural black products in their floral Halloween designs, Viburnum Inge is a must have!

Calla Captain Odeon – Don’t fall into the trap of making Halloween designs too dark: introduce Calla Odeon to your customers, which adds a necessary touch of orange, and lightness!

Cosmos Black Beauty – Beauty comes in many sizes! The delicate flowers of Cosmos Black Beauty can turn easily into focal flowers if your customers use them in the right way.

Brassica (Kale) Black Leaf – Like many Brassica (Kale) varieties on the market nowadays, this variety as well carries no fragrance. Therefore, it is perfect to use in a plethora of indoor floral Halloween decorations! Easy to use in bouquets, but also in centerpieces: its firm stem can handle it all.

Daucus Carota – The delicate umbrella of petite flowers that each Daucus stem carries, will surely add texture to a floral design! Although each Daucus stem in a bunch can slightly differ of color, the complete palette (vintage light red to deep Bordeaux) perfectly fits in Halloween designs.

Rosehip Pumpkin – As you can read in this blog post, Halloween is the eve of the ending of harvest. Therefore, you can discover a lot of berries and fruits in Halloween designs! Rosehip Pumpkin is a perfect “fruit” to use in bouquets since it carries lots of big berries on its long, firm stem!

Rosa Choco Web Halloween, Daucus Carota, Brassica (Kale) Black Leaf, and Rosehip Pumpkin beautifully combined in a Halloween bouquet
Hydrangea Ruby Chocolate Classic; a stunning beauty

Paint it Black (and Orange)

Halloween bouquet with Quercus painted Orange, Ilex Golden Verboom, Craspedia painted Black, Solidago painted Black, Brassica (Kale painted Black/Orange, and Brassica (Kale) painted Orange/Black

You either love it or you hate it, but painted flowers and greens will be in all floral ranges this Halloween! Make sure that you offer the products below in your floral Halloween wholesale range.

Solidago painted Black – Solidago is a florist’s best friend, because of its abundant shape and flowers. The painted version is great to use in any design style Halloween bouquet!

Brassica (Kale) painted Black/Orange and Orange/Black – Want to pop some color in your Halloween designs? Use these amazingly painted Brassica (Kale) varieties!

Craspedia painted Black – Looking for texture? Craspedia is the answer! These odds little balls are also available painted black – which – of course, makes them ideal for Halloween designs.

Quercus painted Orange – Spooky bouquets and centerpiece mostly needs a foresty touch. Painted Quercus will add a mystic touch instantly!

Nutan painted Black – Who doesn’t love Nutans? Their natural alien look intrigue people, and painted black these beauties are even more interesting! If you enter our webshop, you will also find them in orange.

Anthurium painted Halloween – Go all out with this painted Anthurium! Fantastic to use in modern Halloween designs, or put just a few stems in a vase: this variety has written Halloween all over it.

Be amazed by the gorgeousness of Rosa Choco Halloween R351: waxed Avalanche Roses with various toppings that fit perfectly in each floral Halloween theme

Special Halloween Roses

A holiday isn’t complete without the presence of the queen of flowers: the Rose! Especially for you we have selected two varieties that will definitely turn people’s heads!

Rosa Choco Web Halloween – These almost black waxed Avalanche Roses have really realistic looking spiderwebs around them. Iehhhh!!

Rosa Choco Halloween R351 – This amazing Halloween mix is available per bunch and consists out of gorgeously waxed Avalanche Roses in (almost) black and orange, and four types of topping. A feast for the eye!

Rosa Head Cupcake Halloween: a precious keepsake for one’s Halloween guests

Surprise with Halloween Cupcakes!

The perfect item for decorating a Halloween high tea, lunch or dinner party is the Rosa Head Cupcake Halloween! Its looks fit perfectly in any Halloween décor.

Unfortunately, these cupcakes aren’t edible, but the guests can take them home afterward as a keepsake. A keepsake that will last for a long time and that will guarantee good memories of the event! Rosa Head Cupcake Halloween is available in our webshop in a cute cupcake box of 12 pieces.

Halloween Wholesale Flowers in The Holex Webshop

In our webshop, you can find all products mentioned in this blog post. Simply lookup the product via the alphabet index at the right side of you screen, or use the search bar!

The True Meaning of Halloween

The tradition of Halloween originated about 2000 years ago, with the harvest festivals of the ancient Celts. For them, the first of November was the start of their new year. It marked the end of summer and harvest, and the beginning of winter.

This also means that for the Celts, October 31 was New Year’s Eve. It was associated with death, and the Celts believed that at this night the boundaries between the world of the living and that of the dead faded. On the last night of October, the Celts believed, the ghosts of the dead could walk the earth.

It is said that the Celts dressed up and wore masks, to keep those ghosts at a distance. They also used pumpkins with scary faces carved into them to scare off the ghosts, which explains how the pumpkin came to be the symbol of Halloween.

Halloween Floral Design Inspiration

Halloween offers a lot of floral design possibilities! Go all out with cheesy props, use color blocking (orange and black), and of course, do not forget to insert the traditional pumpkin in your creations. Watch the videos below for design ideas, and visit our Halloween Pinterest mood board for more inspiration!

Just a few stems of Anthurium painted Halloween combined with dried flowers instantly create a Halloween vibe

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