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Halloween Flowers You Should Stock Up On

Here are some Halloween flowers that are sure to get your customers in the spooky spirit. You’ll notice that many of these flowers are dried or preserved. We felt this fits really well with the origins of Halloween, representing the end of harvest and a sort of natural slumber until spring begins. What’s more, it’s ideal for those of you who wish to stock up on Halloween-themed flowers early, to get the most out of the anticipation that is building up amongst your customers. Get your business in the Halloween vibe and order these flowers in our webshop today!

Tagetes Orange (Dried)

A beautiful orange flower, with a petal structure that brings to mind the flickering flames of a campfire.


Orange, yellow and purple Celosia

This Celosia bouquet resembles a coral reef, but with a little imagination it could also be a brain, don’t you think? The orange variety Celosia C Act Zara is particularly suitable for Halloween.

Fagus Copper Beech Preserved Fall

Works well in any fall arrangement, really. The nice and subtle orange hue makes this Fagus especially suitable for Halloween.

Triticum Light Green

Halloween is more than black, orange and scary stuff. It’s origins date back to the Celtic celebration of the end of harvest.

Amaranthus Orange (Dried)

Helichrysum Red (Dried)

Raw, red and eery. Those are the words that come to mind when trying to describe Helichrysum. Choose the dried variety to boost the longevity of your creation!


Here, you see the Eryngium Aquarius Questar. We feel that Eryngium – owing to its rough, boisterous appearance – most Eryngium varieties are Halloween appropriate. Be sure to check our webshop to see all available varieties!

Rosa Choco Halloween

Last but not least, and perhaps the most Halloweeny of them all. The flowerheads of these specialty roses are immersed in wax and made into little pieces of art.

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