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Fall Roses With a Halloween Vibe at Holex USA

It’s that time of year again: the time to start getting in the Halloween vibe. So gather your pumpkins, your skeletons, your cackling witches. And these roses that are perfect for your Halloween flower arrangement.

Astound your customers with these striking rose colors that are either painted or dyed. Painted means that the color is sprayed directly onto the flower, whereas dying is a technique where the flower absorbs the color via water.

All roses in this list are grown in Ecuador by La Rosaleda, a family company that was founded in 1995. The geographical position – more than three kilometers above sea level – breeds the intense and bright colors, long stems, and big flowerheads for which La Rosaleda is known.

Combine those quality roses with the artistic touch of either dying or painting, and you get these attention-grabbing flowers. A sure hit for the Halloween season!

Below are close-ups of the Rose heads. Don’t forget to order them in time for Halloween!

Dyed Black Explorer

Dyed Black Explorer | Holex Flower

Painted Neige Rouge

Painted Neige Rouge Rose | Holex Flower

Dyed Zombie

Painted Boo

Painted Boo Rose | Holex Flower

Painted Pumpkin

Painted Pumpkin Rose | Holex Flower

Painted Haunted

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