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Holex Flower Spring & Summer Challenge!

As many of you have noticed our flower business has become an even more challenging industry. Worldwide the demand for flowers is increasingly growing. Growers are selling out, flower prices keep going up and reliable freight, besides the high cost, is getting more and more difficult to find. The next couple of months are very important for our industry! Mother’s Day, and also lots of weddings, events, and conventions are being planned for the second half of the year.  

Holex always goes to the extreme to fill your orders at prices pre-quoted on our pricelists and webshop. Occasionally we have been running into freight shortages where we had to delay some of the orders to the next available flight. Of course, it’s great to know that our business seems Covid proof, but we need your support by planning your orders more ahead than at present.  

Also, we have to follow our government’s Covid rules where our packers in our facility need to work at a social distance in order to keep everybody safe at Holex. So the current situation forces us, and not just only our company, to emphasize explicitly to give your orders earlier than you are normally used to.

Holex wants to stay the most reliable flower supplier: good quality flowers, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries. So we need your and your customers’ help to continue this service. Ordering in time is more important than ever. On top of this airlines have switched to their summer schedules so to some airports arrival days have changed, some are canceled. As long as there are hardly any intercontinental passenger flights this situation will stay very difficult.  

The following changes will be in effect from this week

  • For Friday’s arrival at the airport, your order needs to be in on Tuesday PM.
  • For Saturday’s arrival at the airport, your order needs to be in on Wednesday night.

For the beginning of the week, it’s best to work with the same lead time for your orders too. Changing into this schedule will give us more time to buy, plan, pack and ship your flower orders. Orders given after these deadlines we will fill and ship according to the rule: “who comes first gets the first service”. So we will ship those in order of receipt. Of course, we will try to minimize delays in your orders as much as we can.

Any orders you already have at hand, please place these with your Account Manager or on our webshop without hesitation. Please make sure your sales team is fully aware of this.

This rule will start from now on ( week 15, 12th of April ) and will be valid for the time being until further notice. We are hoping for your continued support in the months to come. A new and extended Mother’s Day pre-book is online, please check with your Account Manager for specifics.   

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