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Holex USA: Fabulous Neumann Lilies from Ecuador

Located in the valley of Guayllabamba in Ecuador, the Neumann Flowers family farm is producing Lilies for more than 15 years. In the Miami webshop department of the Holex webshop, we offer their Asiatics, LA Hybrids, and Orientals. Neumann Lilies have an excellent product quality and an outstanding vase life: if you want to offer your North American customers the best Lilies, you should take a look at these beauties.

Neumann Lilies: Asiatics

Asiatic Lilies originate from Central and East Asia, and the most remarkable thing of these Lilies is that they are (most of the time) scentless. The flowers face outward or upright.

Asiatic Neumann Lily varieties that we offer in the Miami webshop are:

  • Lily AZ Brunello
  • Lily AZ Tresor

Neumann Lilies: LA Hybrids

LA Hybrids are crossings between Longiflorum (L) and Asiatic (A) Lilies. The strengths of these two groups are combined in a new group. Longiflorum Lilies are known for their excellent vase life and trumpet-shape, and the Asiatic Lilies are available in warm colors.

LA Hybrids Neumann Lily varieties that we offer in the Miami webshop are:

  • Lily LA Brindisi
  • Lily LA Nova Scotia
  • Lily LA Menorca
  • Lily LA Pavia
  • Lily LA Indian Summerset
  • Lily LA Honesty
  • Lily La Mandalay

Neumann Lilies: Orientals

Oriental Lilies are also known as “Stargazers”: this is because the flowers of many Oriental varieties look upwards. These Lilies have a strong fragrance.

Oriental Neumann Lily varieties that we offer in the Miami webshop are:

  • Lily OR Sorbonne
  • Lily OR Starfighter
  • Lily OR Siberia

Lilies in the Holex Webshop

When you visit the Holex webshop, you will find a plethora of Lily varieties! In both the Holland and the Miami department, you can use the “search on color” option in the side menu and pick your favorite color, and the specific offerings of the department you are in will appear. For Neumann Lilies, search for Neumann in the search bar.

When you have any questions about the availability of Neumann Lilies, please contact your Holex USA Account Manager.

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