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Holex USA: Great Pincushion Varieties Available

Pincushion or Leucospermum is a very exotic cut flower that finds it’s origin in South-Africa. This high decorative looking flower is a great addition to any floral design and will surely grab one’s attention. If you’re curious about more information about the product, for example, it’s origin and symbolism, be sure to check out our flowerwiki page of Pincushion.

Pincushions come mainly in three colors: Red, orange, and yellow. At Holex USA you will find a lot of varieties in these colors, with all their own unique look and feel. Three very popular varieties at the moment are Henny’s Torch, Hawaii Gold, and Orange Lava.

Holex USA offers 15+ varieties of Pincushion, which are all carefully selected from high-quality growers that are mainly situated in South America. These exotic cut flowers are then packed carefully and shipped to your destination.

With Pincushions in your stock, you are certain that you can offer your customers a great looking and exotic cutflower that stands out in any floral design.

Contact your Account Manager or visit the Holex Miami webshop for more information or if you wish to order.

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