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Holex USA: King And AYOBA® Proteas From Intaba Flowers

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Intaba flowers is one of our trusted suppliers of high-quality Protea. Holex Miami offers various Protea varieties, including the stunning King Protea and Protea AYOBA® Arctic Ice.

King Protea

Protea Cynaroides, also known as, the King Protea which is the largest of the Protea varieties, making it a Flagship and thus the National Flower of South Africa. It is endemic to the Cape Floral Kingdom and is widely distributed from the South West to the South East in the Cape. While quite a few hybrids of various sizes and colors now exist, it is still the original “Pink King” variety that remains the most popular, commanding attention in any floral arrangement or display.

Protea AYOBA® Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice Protea | Holex Flower

This bright white tropical cut flower is also known as White Sugar Bush. Because of its white color, it is a tremendous flower for wedding designs. This cut flower looks great in large centerpieces or vibrant bouquets.

Intaba Flowers and Future Fynbos

Intaba Flowers works closely with growers and breeders such as Future Fynbos to improve products and productivity. Future Fynbos is a leading breeding company, focusing on the breeding of mainly Leucadendron, Protea, Leucospernum and other Fynbos types of cut flowers. Future Fynbos has successfully introduced new Proteaceae varieties to licensed growers both locally and internationally. The new varieties have enhanced the competitiveness of the South African Fynbos industry. Future Fynbos released their new AYOBA® product range. AYOBA® (pronounced Uh-yo-ba), is a uniquely South African term to express amazement and delight.

Protea at Holex USA: Visit Our Webshop

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