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Holex USA: Our Favorite Pink and Pastel Flowers

The spring season symbolizes happiness and joy, and there are a lot of flowers available in our product range that can contribute to this vibe! In this blog post, we will show our North American customers our favorite pink and pastel flowers in the Miami webshop department. From the lovely Anemone Blush to the fierce-looking Pincushion Spider: with a pink and pastel color palette you can go all out!

These Are Our Favorite Pink and Pastel Flowers

Anemone Blush

Like its name already says this anemone variety has astonishing blush-colored petals. The contrasting black heart makes this a very distinctive flower.

Hydrangea Verena

True beauty captured in a Hydrangea! The countless bicolored fresh green and light pink petals make that Verena is a feast for the eye.

Lily LA Brindisi

Brindisi is surely one of our favorite pink and pastel flowers. This LA Lily variety has such a lovely light pink color! Perfect for weddings or other romantic occasions.

Lily OR Sorbonne

Although Sorbonne also has bright pink tones in its petals, we do think this flower fits into our list because of the fabulous mixing with pastel pink tones!

Peony Miss America

Look at this fabulous Peony! Miss America has a breathtaking peachy blush color and is great to use in romantic bouquets and centerpieces!

Ranunculus Light Pink

This Ranunculus variety is one of the most fitting in our list of favorite pink and pastel flowers. A very versatile flower to use in spring wedding designs and Mother’s Day designs!

Stock Peach

Stock doesn’t only have a lovely appearance; it also has an amazing fragrance. Celebrate spring with this nice peach-colored variety!

Carnation Putumayo

Putumayo has a vintage, pastel peach color and is a great flower to use in rustic or bohemian spirited floral designs!

Gypsophila Pink Panther

If you like to use a distinctive Gypsophila variety, something else than the traditional whites, try this Gypsophila Pink Panther! Certainly one of our favorite pink and pastel flowers.

Pincushion Spider

Doubting if your designs don’t get too soft-hearted with all those pastel colors? Spice it up with this Pincushion variety! Spider has a pastel peach color, and because of its interesting texture, this will turn heads!

Design Inspiration with Pink and Pastel Flowers

Pink represents charm and sensitivity, while pastel colors symbolize peacefulness, softness, and mildness. Thus, a color palette which is perfect to use for all kinds of loving celebrations! Pink and pastel flowers can be used in floral designs for weddings, anniversaries, or just a simple bouquet that your customers want to give to say ‘I love you.’

Suggestions to Combine Pink and Pastel flowers with Other Flowers

  • Mix Peony Miss America with various greenery types, like Leatherleaf, Acacia Purpurea, and Viburnum Lucidem. Spot on the botanical design trend!
  • Design a bouquet with Lily Brindisi, Stock Peach, Carnation Putumayo, and Hydrangea Verena. Keep the stems as long as possible and use various height in your bouquet for a distinctive look.

Pink and Pastel Flowers in our Webshop

When you visit the Holex webshop, you will find a plethora of pink and pastel flowers! In both the Holland and the Miami department, you can use the “search on color” option in the side menu and pick pink, and the specific offerings of the department you are in will appear. For pastel toned colors you can look into the other color groups to find the specific color tone you need!

When you have any questions about the availability of pink-colored flowers, please contact your Account Manager.

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