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Holex USA: Our Powerful Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon is a unique and colorful flower. The blooms resemble the shape of a dragon. The Snapdragons that Holex USA offers, are grown in Guatemala with unparalleled size blooms, compared to Snapdragons from other growing areas. They are 90cm in length, the stems are thick, strong and hold a 20cm flower spike. Quality is what sets Holex USA apart from all other providers of these beautiful flowers.

1 – Snapdragon Light Pink
2 – Snapdragon Pink
3 – Snapdragon Lavender
4 – Snapdragon Burgundy
5 – Snapdragon Yellow
6 – Snapdragon White
7 – Snapdragon Orange

Snapdragons by E-farms

E-farms is located at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level. They grow the very best Snapdragons on the ridges of mountains that encircle Guatemala City and are surrounded by 12 hectares of forest. Guatemala offers the optimum conditions to grow top quality Snapdragons. E-farms currently produces White, Yellow, Orange, Burgundy, Light Pink & Pink Snapdragons and are available year-round! Visit the Holex webshop and order your Guatemalan Snapdragons today!

Take Advantage Of This Quality Product

Keep in mind that our Snapdragon is cultivated with the best technology and the best care to have a durable and robust flower. The quality we guarantee from our growers is what creates a difference in the market. We offer Snapdragons with long sturdy stems, large spikes, beautiful blooms, and with consistent quality year-round. Log on to our webshop now to order our beautiful snapdragons. Snapdragon is a flower you can mix with any flower type to create stunning arrangements. For ideas and design suggestions, visit our website.

Holex USA – Bigger Snapdragons!

Holex USA – Bigger Snapdragons

Contact your sales representative to start offering Snapdragons direct to your customers. Visit our webshop now!

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