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Holex USA: Sensational Alstroemeria from Bicco Farms

Alstroemeria is famous for its longevity and is available in countless vibrant colors. In the Miami department of the Holex webshop, you can find the Alstroemerias of Bicco Farms, a high-quality Colombian grower. Alstroemeria is year-round available, and therefore a trustworthy basis for a lot of bouquet lines. Especially for the coming Mother’s Day, we want to highlight some of the most striking and sensational Alstroemeria varieties that our webshop has to offer to our North-American customers!

Bicco Farms: Excellent Alstroemerias Grown in Colombia

Bicco Farms lets us experience the fertile savannah on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia. That’s where Bicco Farms grows and exports high-quality, award-winning, fresh cut flowers. Innovation and delivering consistent quality are the most important factors to keep up with their customer’s demand. Bicco Farms offers a wide range of Alstroemeria varieties. Their Alstroemerias are graded and sorted by stem length and number of blooms per stem, by a large X-ray machine. This extremely accurate automated grading process makes sure you always receive the same exceptional quality Alstroemerias, year-round.

To ensure the high quality of the cut flowers, Bicco Farms works together with Dutch breeders to select new varieties with excellent colors and varieties that have an outstanding flower structure. We will keep you updated about new product novelties!

Mother’s Day: Go All Out with Sensational Alstroemeria!

Pink is the traditional color for Mother’s Day flowers. The palette of pink Alstroemeria which Bicco Farms offers, offer so much floral design options! Combine the year-round available beauties with seasonal flowers, and each mom will feel appreciated when receiving a bouquet with them.

Our Favorite Selection of Alstroemeria from Bicco Farms

• Rome – This hot pink Alstroemeria will look perfect in a Mother’s Day bouquet!
• Primadonna – Such a lovely pink color. Mix Primadonna with white spring flowers will make a very sweet combination.
• Intenz Pink – Refreshing colors will brighten your customer’s floral inspiration this Mother’s Day.
• Cherry Bay – Truly heartwarming. Blend Cherry Bay with living coral and blush color palettes for a charming spring wedding bouquet.
• Dubai – The perfect flower to go for an innocent look. Combine Dubai with white spring flowers to achieve this clean look!
• Kurosawa – Complete your spring look with a large bunch of sensational Alstroemeria Kurosawa.

Alstroemeria in The Holex Webshop

North-American customers, attention! In the Miami section of our webshop, you can find the complete range of sensational Alstroemeria from Bicco Farms. In the Holland section of the webshop is also a wide range of Alstroemeria varieties available from other growers. Have a question? Check in with your Holex USA Sales Rep for more info about Bicco Farms’ Alstroemerias, or contact you Holex Holland Account Manager.

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