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Holex USA Update: Expansion of our African Product Range

For years, we at Holex USA have been known for our wide range of South African novelty products. We often receive requests for an expansion of our African product range. For all of you who have been waiting for just that, we have some great news today!

Together with the Dutch Flower Group, we have a team operating from Kenya, specialized in sourcing African flowers and supporting the local growers.

Now we have also started a partnership with Marginpar in Kenya, which will make their beautiful African products easily available for all our North American customers.

Marginpar has 17 farms, located in five countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, Holland, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. There, they produce unique and high-quality flowers.

We will be Marginpar’s direct distributor in Miami, carrying their Astrantia Star® varieties, Clematis Amazing® varieties, Eryngium Questar® varieties, Jathropa Firecracker, Pink Polianthus and many more of their top quality novelty flowers. Other products we will be sourcing from Kenya are Roses, Spray Roses, Hypericum and stunning Delphiniums.  

Are you looking for specific products from Africa? Contact us and let us be your connection for all your African flower needs!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and / or Instagram, where we will be publishing pictures of the beautiful Marginpar flowers that you can be expecting in our webshop!

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