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Holex USA: Your Preferred Vendor of Agricola PGR Peonies

Don’t you think that Peonies are the best flowers to show love for Mother’s Day? We agree! Holex USA offers high-quality Peonies from grower Agricola PGR in the coming weeks. The first shipment from Spain is expected to arrive in week 17. First to arrive will be Peony Coral Charm and Peony Pecher. All the other varieties will follow and will be available through Mother’s Day. Visit the Miami department in our webshop and make sure that you offer these fabulous flowers, with their stunning shape and heartwarming colors, in your Mother’s Day range!

Agricola PGR: Peonies from Easter to Mother’s Day

Agricola PGR is a family owned company and is managed by Luis Garcia. Luis and his Dutch partner, Marco Knol, started growing Peonies about 11 years ago. The combination of Marco’s knowledge of Peonies and Luis being a master of cultivating flowers resulted in successfully growing high-quality Peonies.

Agricola PGR is located in the center of Spain which is in the Provence of Extremadura, region Caceres. The winters are cold and wet but spring is early and can be quite warm, exactly what Peonies like! Their location and weather conditions is what gives them the production of high-quality Peonies towards the end of April and into Mother’s Day. Holex USA expects its first shipment from Spain to arrive in Miami around April 24th.

Agricola PGR currently has 14 acres of Peonies in production, expected to produce close to 650.000 stems this year. Besides what Agricola PGR currently has in production, they continue to plant more trials to test new varieties for future plantations. Future Peony Crops will include Peony Coral Sunset, Peony Odile, Peony Princess Bride, Peony Colonel Owens Cousins, and Peony Soft Salmon Saucer.

Gear Up for Mother’s Day!

We are sure: an enchanting collection of high-quality Peonies will enhance the cheering feeling of Mother’s Day with your customers. They will be inspired by seeing the amazing Sarah Bernhardt, Kansas, and Pecher in your offerings!

Peonies are considered to be the ‘The Queen of Flowers’ which makes them perfect for Mother’s Day. Agricola PGR Peonies will add a majestic vibe to each floral Mother’s Day design, which will enlighten all other flowers you combine them with!

Design tips for your customers:
• Every mom will love the “traditional” pink color palette combined with beautiful Peonies Sarah Bernhardt and Pecher.
• Also, the Living Coral color palette will truly shine this year. Combine the Pantone Color of 2019 with Peony Coral Charm, Rose Cappuccino, Syringa Maiden’s Blush, and Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi for a marvelous floral arrangement.

Coral Charm

The characteristic beauty of Living Coral truly warms up your floral designs.

Sarah Bernhardt

The perfect pink color for Mother’s Day. Our best-known Peony variety.

Festiva Maxima

Peony Festiva Maxima | Holex Flower

True beauty. Can be used in a pink color palette as well as contrasting focal flower.

This Season’s Availability from Agricola PGR:
• Coral Charm
• Sarah Bernhardt
• Jules Elie
• Festiva Maxima
• Kansas
• Pecher
• Miss America
• Command Performance

Visit our Webshop Now and Order These Beauties!

Are you as prepared for Mother’s Day as we are? Check in with your Holex USA Sales Rep or log in to the Holex MIAMI webshop to book your Spanish Peonies today!

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