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Hypericum Best Sellers for North America at Holex USA

Do you and your customers love Hypericum as much as we do? Of course you do! Now that summer has ended, this is the time to stock up on this excellent addition to any fall bouquet. For your convenience, we’ve selected our most popular Hypericum.

Good to know! You can order Hypericum from Holex throughout the year. Did you know that ordering your Hypericum as a North American customer is a lot cheaper when you order via our Miami department? You can place your orders here.

The Holex USA Hypericum top 4:

  1. Hypericum Coco Uno
  2. Hypericum Mellow Romance
  3. Hypericum Coco Rio
  4. Hypericum Coco Grando

Of these varieties, the Coco genus is grown in Ethiopia, while our Mellow Romance stems are cultivated in Ecuador.

Looking for inspiration on how to use Hypericum? Check out this tutorial we made on how to use Hypericum in a beautiful wintery bouquet, or share it with your customers to spread the Hypericum love! Inspired? Visit our webshop and order your Hypericum today.

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