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Indian Summer Flowers: Our Favorites! [2018]

When it’s that time of the year, Indian summer, our cooler carries the most beautiful flowers which exactly fit your mood. Mix and match with a broad palette of soft, warm colors and interesting textures and create floral designs that your audience will love. Our buyers have selected their favorite Indian summer flowers: be amazed! For availability, please check our webshop 🙂

Indian Summer Flowers

Our Favorite Indian Summer Flowers

  1. Antirrhinum Opus Red – The dark red, almost purplish color gives you an immediate feeling of warmth and coziness.
  2. Sanguisorba Arnhem – The playful shape of the Sanguisorba is a real must for our favorite Indian Summer Flowers.
  3. Banksia Dreyandra – Just look at the amazing color! The yellow/orange colors give you the impression that you’re looking at a little sun.
  4. Spray Rose Coral Bubbles – The shade of orange that Coral Bubbles has, is very versatile and can be matched into many design styles.
  5. Astilbe Else Schluck – An Astilbe with such a great red color is a real added value.
  6. Trachelium Purple Lake Michigan – Purple really adds an extra twist.
  7. Spray Rose Classic Sensation – This spray rose really stands out in our Indian Summer Flowers. What a beauty!
  8. Carnation Spray Black Jack – It doesn’t always need to be big to be impressive. This Carnation does just the thing.
  9. Carnation Golem – Did you know? The Carnation represents socialism and labor movement.
  10. Delphinium Ajacis Dark Blue – A great Delphinium variety with such beautiful flowers.
  11. Limonium Soul Diamond – The colors just make you happy. Pink and yellow make such a nice combination.
  12. Rose Free Spirit – When this Rose opens up, the colors are even more beautiful.
  13. Solidago Carzan Glory –  Add green and yellow in one flower with this great Solidago.
  14. Carnation Lege Maronne – Such a sweet, pastel color between all the other bright flowers.
  15. Crocosmia Pods Green – These small green pods stay closed and make a very fine additive.
  16. Crocosmia Red King – Watch these flowers open up and you’ll be amazed!
  17. Scabiosa Stellata – As one of the few brown flowers available, this Scabiosa always gets your attention.
  18. Protea Blushing Bride – What a stylish beauty this is. No doubt these flowers get a spot in our favorite Indian Summer Flowers.
  19. Asclepias Tuberosa – Another orange beauty.
  20. Celosia Caracas – This flower and it’s amazing plumes is indispensable in our list.
  21. Matthiola Centrum Deep Blue – All these little purple flowers packed closely together make a really nice purple flower.
  22. Calla Captain Safari. – Of course, we cannot lack a Calla in this list. The Captain Safari is the one you want.
  23. Craspedia Painted Gold – Add some class or a touch of Bollywood with this gold painted Craspedia.
  24. Rose Pink Tacazzi – Pink roses stand for love, gratitude, and appreciation.
  25. Crocosmia Lucifer – Another flower with a great full red color.
  26. Carthamus Zanzibar – The color of this Carthamus matches great with all the other Indian Summer Flowers.


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