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Israeli Peonies: Beautiful Eye-Catchers!

Did you know that the production of Peonies in Israel has started only about 30 years ago? In 1991, the first production trial started in the Golan Heights in Northern Israel. Focusing on the varieties Sarah Bernhardt, Duchesse de Nemours, and dr. Alexander Fleming, the growers realized that planting onto special bedding inside greenhouses and tunnels brings better results, longer seasonality, and protects their high-value crop. In three decades, they have professionalized the cultivation and harvesting in such a way, that Israeli Peonies are a great product to use for every floral designer!

From ‘Galilee Peonies’ to ‘Perez Peonies’

In 2001, Perez Peonies Ltd. was founded by Itzik Perez. For over 20 years ‘Galilee Peonies’ is a well-known brand name within the floral business. Nowadays, Perez’s three sons are now also working within the company. This season, the decision was made to rebrand ‘Galilee Peonies’ to ‘Perez Peonies’. Although changing their name, the product remains one of the top leading brands in the Israeli Peony industry.

Peony Season at Holex Flower and Holex USA

The ‘Perez Peonies’ are available from January to April, both in the Aalsmeer and the Miami webshop departments. After this, North-American customers can find the range of ‘Highland Peonies’ in the Miami webshop department, until the end of June. “Both farms are collaborating for over ten years supplying the market a vast range of Peonies amongst them, like Sarah Bernhardt, Duchesse de Nemours, Gardenia, Coral Sunset, Coral Charm, Bowl of Cream and Dr. Alexander Fleming,” says Nico van der Pool, General Manager of Holex USA.

In the Holland department, there can also be found Peony offerings of multiple suppliers in this period. In the coming months, we will update you frequently about availability. You can find Israeli Peonies directly on our webshop or contact your sales representative for availability and prices.

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