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Moon Series Carnations from FLORIGENE®

The FLORIGENE® Moon Carnations are by far the most sought-after Carnations due to their exquisite colors. FLORIGENE® is the only company in the world dedicated to cultivating the Moon Carnations, having the exclusivity of its color. Moon Carnations are a lovely range of standard-type and mini-type Carnation varieties. Besides its color, the FLORIGENE® Moon Carnations offer an excellent vase life. They are sensational and add that extra enhanced color touch to any floral arrangement. Holex USA is an approved vendor, and these exclusive colors can be found by simply logging in to the Holex webshop.

Exclusive Colors of FLORIGENE® Moon Carnations

Moon Series Carnations the #1 in Carnation Varieties!

Moonaqua™ Carnations– are soft lavender pearl Carnations, ideally suited for any wedding or special event. It is the lightest shade in the moon series range of colors.

Moonlite™ Carnation & Moonberry™ Mini Moon Carnation – are true lavender Carnations. The flower opens thoroughly demonstrating its true color.

Moonshade™ Carnations– have a beautiful purple color burst that immediately distinguishes itself from any purple carnation in the market. When the flower begins to open there is a magical change to a bluer color.

Moonvista™ Carnations – have a dark color eggplant tone. It also has a soft texture and feel to it. The color has become extremely popular for weddings in June, August, and September, where demand is high.

FLORIGENE® Moon MINI Carnations, come in 4 different colors to match. Moonpearl, Moonberry, Moonique, and Moonvelvet.

The Moon Carnations Theme And Color of Choice

The theme for International Women’s Day, March 8, is #BalanceforBetter. Internationally, purple is the color for symbolizing women. It explains why purple is International Women’s Day’s shade of choice! The beautiful shades of Purples and Lavenders can be found in all trending wedding and social events around the world. Year-round production makes it possible for year-round arrangement making opportunities.

Moon Series Carnations
Exclusive Colors for Our FLORIGENE® Moon Carnations

Enjoy the FLORIGENE® Moon Carnations at Holex USA

Holex USA is offering you the opportunity to select from their brand name flowers. Give your floral artwork that WOW! factor with these exclusive colors and textures. Moon Series Carnations are a considerable part of the spectacular color event; the International Women’s Day! Moon Series Carnations are offered on the webshop. Log in right and let Holex offer you a world of flowers with just a few clicks.

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