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New Dried Products You Won’t Want to Miss Out On!

The Holex dried products range has yet again extended with amazing new dried products and colors! From now on, we offer dried Sebiferum and dried Amaranthus Hanging, and the available colors of dried Lagurus and dried Palm Spear have extended as well. Visit our webshop quickly to see the current offerings!

New Dried Products: Sebiferum

Sebiferum belongs to the Popcorn Tree family. Popcorn Trees are common trees in China and Taiwan. The seeds of Sebiferum are sources of stillingia oil, a drying oil that is used in paints and varnishes. Besides this, the dried branches of Sebiferum have a highly decorative value! Look at those amazing berries… We have a favorite!

Dried Sebiferum varieties in the Holex webshop

Expanded Color Range: Lagurus

That dried Lagurus is a popular product among our customers, that’s for sure! That’s why we are very happy to let you know that we have expanded the available range of colors. As you can see, dried Lagurus is available from white to bright blue, and from soft pink to mysterious black. Every floral design needs some Lagurus, and now there is a variety for all!

Dried Lagurus varieties in the Holex webshop

New Lengths & Expanded Color Range: Palm Spear

Dried Palm Spear is a great product to use if you are looking for an easy way to add texture and shape to your floral designs. It will instantly add flair! Next to this, dried Palm Spear can be stored and used whenever you want, because it is everlasting. We have expanded the available range of colors with some fantastic trendy spring colors! The varieties below are available in sizes 50 cm and 70 cm.

Dried Palm Spear varieties in the Holex webshop

New Dried Products: Amaranthus Hanging

In the fall season, fresh hanging Amaranthus is a must-have for every floral range. But what do you think of these dried varieties? With their pretty colors, they will surely bring some happiness to floral designs! Surprise your customers with these new dried products.

Dried Amaranthus Hanging varieties in the Holex webshop

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