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Our Favorite Astilbe Varieties [2018]

Astilbes are one of a kind. These happy plumed flowers bring joy in every floral design. The colors and shape will always catch your attention. Our buyers have selected their favorite Astilbe varieties. For availability, please check our webshop.

Astilbe Erika | Holex Flower

1. Astilbe Erika

The light and soft pink color of this Astilbe makes it perfect for romantic and classic floral designs.

Astilbe Europa | Holex Flower

2. Astilbe Europa

One of the most famous Astilbe varieties. This one is slightly darker pink than Erika, but certainly more fluffy.

Astilbe Else Schluc | Holex Flower

3. Astilbe Else Schluck

A fabulous variety which color reminds of a glass of red wine.

Astilbe Washington | Holex Flower

4. Astilbe Washington

Innocent and peaceful. This is one of the Astilbe varieties that fits perfectly in a wedding or modern floral design.

Astilbe Paul Gaarder | Holex Flower

5. Astilbe Paul Gaarder

This Astilbe is also known as False Goat’s Beard. This variety gives a softening effect to any of your floral designs.

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