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Our Favorite Boho Early Summer Flowers [2018]

The boho trend remains popular in fashion, interior design and also in floral design! Lots of brides are still very enthusiastic about bohemian wedding bouquets, corsages, and other floral decorations. We have selected 10 reliable, good-looking boho early summer flowers who fit right into every boho décor.

Boho Early Summer Flowers | Holex FlowerBoho Early Summer Flowers

  1. Astrantia Roma – the delicate, pale pink flowers of this Astrantia variety almost feel like crepe paper. The color matches terrific with pinks and the deeper Bordeaux reds.
  2. Aquilegia Double Pink White – This filled Aquilegia flower has a playful, fieldy look with bright bicolored flowers.
  3. Amaranthus Yearming Desert Cream – The creme beige color and odd texture and shape of this upright Amaranthus variety fit the boho trend perfectly.
  4. Peony Bridal Shower – Peonies are true focal flowers. For a gorgeous look and feel, you sometimes just need one to carry your design to the next level! Bridal Shower is a gorgeous white/cream variety which combines with a very wide palette of other flowers in every possible color.
  5. Eryngium Button – You are most likely already familiar with the ‘standard’ Eryngium varieties, like Orion and Supernova. But have you ever seen the Button? This is a ball-shaped version, just like an Allium or Craspedia!
  6. Chamelaucium My Sweet 16 – Also known as Waxflower. The little flower have a real boho look and feel, and this product is great to use as filler in your bouquets and centerpieces.
  7. Eucalyptus Nicholii – Eucalyptus is one of the fundamentals of bohemian floral design. The greyish green color is the carrier of all other colors within this trend. Try this oval petal-shaped variety and be surprised how much texture it will add to your creations.
  8. Peony Red Charm – Boho design isn’t only about pale and greyish colors, a real eye-catcher is needed for some nice contrast! Peony Red Charm will add this for sure when the big bulb opens up and shows her beauty.
  9. Lisianthus Rosanne Deep Brown – The attractive flowers of this gorgeous Lisianthus variety have a warm, almost red, deep brown color and the petals are a bit fringed. A real eye-catcher!
  10. Limonium Mr. Silver Pink – Another great filler with an astonishing color: Limonium Mr. Silver Pink. The name already says: the color of the little flowers is very light pale pink.
  11. Oxypetalum Coeroleum – This flower is also known by the name Tweedia and fits perfectly in this boho early summer flowers list. The leaves of Oxypetalum are grayish green, and the star-shaped flowers are colored clear pale blue. Also great to match with a contrasting color, like deep red!
  12. Nigella Damascena Lavender – Nigella has such delicate flowers, they look almost alien. The lavender variety is tremendously beautiful and will add a distinct texture to any floral design.
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