Our Favorite Classic Hydrangea Varieties [2018]

Classic Hydrangeas, beautiful flowers which light up any floral design! Whether you are looking for flowers to use in small or large floral arrangements: the Classic Hydrangea is your flower of choice. Because of the fantastic vase life, you can enjoy this flowers for weeks! Our buyers have selected their favorite Classic Hydrangea varieties: take a look and be amazed!

Hydrangea Da Vinci Green Classic

1. Hydrangea Da Vinci Green Classic

The silverish green color of Da Vinci is stunning! A great green variety of all available Classic Hydrangea varieties.

Hydrangea Fabulous Devine Classic | Holex Flower

2. Hydrangea Fabulous Devine Classic

This is a perfect Classic Hydrangea variety that matches the Pantone Color of The Year “Ultraviolet”.

Hydrangea Glowing Alps Classic Purple | Holex Flower

3. Hydrangea Glowing Alps Classic Purple

As a Fresh variety, Glowing Alps is one of the most beautiful purple colored Hydrangeas, but as Classic it is even more fantastic!

Hydrangea Magical Crimson Classic | Holex Flower

4. Hydrangea Magical Crimson Classic

Look at this amazing color… Fits great in boho spirited designs!

Hydrangea Magical Royal Queen Classic | Holex Flower

5. Hydrangea Magical Royal Queen Classic

As the name already says, this Hydrangea has a royal look. The dark purple flowers look distinguished and mysterious!

Hydrangea My Beautiful Inferno | Holex Flower

6. Hydrangea My Beautiful Inferno

This Classic Hydrangea variety matches great with all kinds of reds and pinks.

Hydrangea Rodeo Classic Pink | Holex Flower

7. Hydrangea Rodeo Classic Pink

The Rodeo will always be one of our favorites Classic Hydrangea varieties! Fresh or Classic, this Hydrangea is a true beauty.

Hydrangea Ruby Chocolate Classic | Holex Flower

8. Hydrangea Ruby Chocolate Classic

An extraordinary color combined with a great vase life: Ruby Chocolate Classic is really something!

Hydrangea Sibilla Classic Purple | Holex Flower

9. Hydrangea Sibilla Classic Purple

Another great must-have in your range: the Classic Sibilla Purple. The pale, greyish purple color of the flowers is

Hydrangea Verena Classic Blue | Holex Flower

10. Hydrangea Verena Classic Blue

Be stunned by the mixture of greyish green and blue that the flowers of Verena Classic Blue have!


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