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Our Favorite Dahlia Varieties [2018]

One of the prettiest summer focal flowers is the Dahlia. The broad palette of colors, various shapes and textures make this flower a very versatile product for any kind of floral design. For example, use two or three stems in a bridal bouquet, use them in a romantic floral crown, or combine them with other summer flowers in a large centerpiece. We have selected our favorite Dahlia varieties to give you a sneak peek into our cooler and to inspire you to use these amazing flowers!

Our Favorite Dahlia Varieties [2018]

Our Favorite Dahlia Varieties

  1. Dahlia Pink Magic – Romance with a bit of spiciness, that is Pink Magic! With the almost hot pink color on the outer side of the petals, it looks like it’s on fire.
  2. Dahlia Orange Fox – This pompon-like Dahlia breathes out happy summer vibes!
  3. Dahlia Karma Sangria – With its elongated petals that color from yellow on the inner part, and a gorgeous, coral-like pinkish color, Karma Sangria is a real eye-catcher.
  4. Dahlia Netty Yellow – This ball-shaped Dahlia variety has a friendly yellow color: not to bright, not to pastel. Combines great with many other kinds of yellow flowers, like Eremurus Moneymaker and Solidago Golden Glory!
  5. Dahlia Mister Fran – The bright orange color of this Dahlia variety makes this a perfect summer flower.
  6. Dahlia Light Wizard – The pure white of Light Wizard will add a touch of elegance to every summer wedding bouquet.
  7. Dahlia Daisy Duke – Daisy Dukes color makes us think of sunset on a sultry summer evening.
  8. Dahlia Black Fox – Black Fox has a deep Bordeaux red color and fits perfectly into bohemian floral designs.
  9. Dahlia Maarten Zwaan – This lovely white Dahlia is a classic one: the familiar flower head shape will appeal to everyone. Truly one of our favorite Dahlia varieties!
  10. Dahlia Red Runner – Going for an all-out floral summer design, that will burst of color? Red Runner cannot be missed; the bright red flower will definitely set the tone.
  11. Dahlia Ball Wizard of Oz – Another classic that literally fits into almost any floral summer design: Wizard of Oz. The accessible pink color combined with the friendly pompon shape will make sure any customers will like this flower.
  12. Dahlia Sebastian – Sebastian is also great to use in boho-spirited floral designs: the pale orangy coral color lets this focal flower really stands out.

Want to know more about Dahlia? Visit our #flowerwiki page Dahlia to learn all about this amazing flower! Visit our webshop to see the current Dahlia offerings.



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