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Our Favorite Delphinium Varieties

Delphiniums are one of the most beautiful summer flowers, with their amazing cones of flowers! They are available in a stunning palette of pastel colors and striking blues, and therefore there will always be a Delphinium that fits into your summer floral design. Our buyers have selected our favorite Delphinium varieties: watch, read, and be inspired!

Favorite Delphinium Varieties

Our Favorite Delphinium Varieties:

Delphinium EL Kissi Blush Milka – If you are looking for flowers for a romantic floral wedding design, this Kissi variety, grown by Westendorp Delphinium, is the product you need! The soft lavender flowers with white hearts are amazing.

Delphinium EL Elm Freude – The deep purple color of Elm Freude matches perfect with every other tones of purple, but can be also used as contrast with white or yellow flowers.

Delphinium EL Centurion White – This Delphinium variety really lives up to its name: it’s a true centurion of the Delphinium family! Look at that superb torch of flowers! Centurion is also available in other colors, visit our webshop to see the current offerings.

Delphinium EL Double Dewi Blue Star – Dewi Blue Star has double-rowed petals, and the blooms are real blue, which is very uncommon. So, when you have to work with a color palette which includes blue, this is a great flower to use!

Delphinium BE Volkerfrieden – Volkerfrieden is also real blue, and has dark flower hearts. Belladonna varieties are mostly more tough looking, but have slimmer and shorter stems.

Delphinium BE Ballkleid – This Delphinium variety has such a soft blue color, it looks like it comes straight out of heaven!

Delphinium EL Kissi Caribbean Blue – Add some tropical vibes with Caribbean Blue. This variety has soft blueish lavender flowers which also match great with other summer colors.

Delphinium EL Kissi Lovely Pink – What’s in a name? This Kissi variety Lovely Pink breaths out summer love.

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