Our Favorite Early Summer Flowers [2018]

Summertime: the season of a lot of colorful, exciting seasonal flowers! Our cooler is filled with all kinds of extraordinary varieties, which sometimes are only available for a short period of time. That’s why our buying team has selected their favorite early summer flowers. Be inspired, and visit our webshop to see the current offerings!

Favorite Summer Flowers | Holex Flower

Our Favorite Early Summer Flowers

  1. Cyperus Glaber – This Papyrus variety has a sassy, bright green color and amazing texture. Really nice if you are looking for distinct-looking summery foliage!
  2. Gentiana Blue Sky – A true member of our favorite early summer flowers list. The deep blue flowers are beautiful when the open up.
  3. Hosta Francee – This Hosta is part of the Fortunei-Albomarginata family and has a very fresh appearance because of its bleached edges. 
  4. Gladiolus Milka – Let your summer floral designs rise up with this fantastic flower! The long stem makes it perfect to use in larger designs. The deep lavender colored flowers are very pretty!
  5. Sedum Green – Sedum Green has a greyish green color and fits perfectly in boho spirited designs.
  6. Gladiolus Mini Charming Beauty – What’s in a name.. This mini Gladiolus with its lovely pinkish flowers is a real charming beauty.
  7. Matthiola Figaro Lavender
  8. Scabiosa Davida – Did you know? Scabiosa represents pure love. So, a perfect flower to use in romantic summer designs! Davida fits perfect
  9. Waxflower Rotem – The delicate petals of Rotem look like they have a little layer of wax sprayed over them. The warm purple color really shines!
  10. Dichelostemma Congres – A typical early summer flower, which will brighten up your designs when the little flowers open up.
  11. Veronica Blue – Veronica is definitely one of our favorite early summer flowers! The cone shape and texture make sure your design will have a distinct look.
  12. Veronica Caya – Caya is an amazing white Veronica variety, which is very versatile.
  13. Ananas – Go for a tropical summer look, and use these cute Ananas in your designs!
  14. Allium Gigantemum – As the name already says, this Allium variety has an enormous size. Perfect for larger floral designs!
  15. Allium Dready – The extraordinary appearance of Dready will surely excite your customers!
  16. Rudbeckia Black Nipple – Another true summer flower, the Rudbeckia. Black Nipple can be used into many design styles, from classical to boho chic.
  17. Spiraea Pink Innocence – If you are looking for pastel-colored summer flowers, this could be it. The charming look of Pink Innocence will stun your customers!
  18. Calla Callista – It looks like Callista has captured the sunset into its spathe. A great color for summery designs!
  19. Phlox Tracy – Tracy’s color matches great with all tones of pinks and purples!
  20. Lavandula Dried – Add a touch of melancholy to your boho bouquet or centerpiece with dried Lavandula. Not only its looks fit in perfectly, it also has an amazing perfume.
  21. Solidago Golden Glory  – When you say summer, you say Solidago! This is a real happiness-bringer. The bright yellow flowers on each stem are countless!
  22. Stachys Silver Finch – Stachys is really something different! The greyish silver color is very trendy, and the shape of this product will definately turn peoples heads!
  23. Protea Brenda – The members of the Protea family have many different shapes, and Brenda is definitely one of the prettiest versions. Excellent to mix with all kinds of summer flowers!
  24. Monarda Denise – Monarda Denise look very delicate, and when the hot pink flowers open up, they will add a nice bit of texture to your design.
  25. Celosia Caracas – The deep mauve colored plumes of Celosia Caracas are really something! These flowers add texture and are really nice fillers as well.
  26. Hordeum – Hordeum belongs to the grass family and is even family of the cereal grain. The very delicate stems have a sweet little comb. The name Hordeum means bristle in Latin. 
  27. Briza Media – This grass variety has a lot of common names! Perhaps you know it already under the name Quaking-grass, Dodder-grass, Doddering Dillies, Jiggle-joggles, Lady’s-hair, Quakers-and-shakers, Shaking-grass, or Wag-wantons?
  28. Oxypetalum Coeroleum – The sweet light blue flowers of Oxypetalum Coeroleum will make sure your designs look lovely.
  29. Astilbe Boogie Woogie – The plume of Astilbe Boogie Woogie is enormous! The beautiful light pink shade and the soft feathery look makes this also a perfect flower for early summer wedding designs.
  30. Rose Attraction – Attraction has bicolored, sensual colored petals, with colors from deep red to creamy light peach.
  31. Lavandula Fresh – Want to surprise your customer? Use fresh Lavandula! The perfume is mesmerizing and these flowers really stand out in whimsical designs.
  32. Gomphrena Strawberry – These little, soft looking bulbs are available in various colors, and we think Strawberry is one of the prettiest for this summer!
  33. Scabiosa Vanilla Scoop – Another great Scabiosa variety is Vanilla Scoop: a creamy white flower which matches will almost every other color.
  34. Daucus Carota – Another, very peculiar looking summer flower: Daucus Carota. Looks a bit like Anethum Graveolens, only with tiny deep Bordeaux red flowers instead of white. Simply amazing!
  35. Calla Captain Melrose – Calla Lilies add elegance to any floral design in an instant. Use Captain Melrose if you want to soften up a bit: the blushy, very light pink color makes this really one of our early summer favorites.
  36. Helianthus Sunrich Orange – Add a burst of sunlight to your range with this amazing sunflower variety!
  37. Lysimachia Clethroides – Cuteness-alert! When the tiny flowers of Lysimachia open up, your customers will be amazed.