Our Favorite Early Summer Flowers [2019]

Which flowers are available in early summer? From the end of May to July we can find so many amazing varieties in our cooler, it looks like summer already has begun! Summer is the season of a lot of colorful, exciting seasonal flowers, which sometimes are only available for a short period of time. That’s why our buying team has selected their favorite early summer flowers. Be inspired, and visit our webshop to see the current offerings!

Our Favorite Early Summer Flowers

Our buyers have selected their favorite varieties. Which early summer flower is your favorite one?

  1. Hosta Francee – This Hosta is part of the Fortunei-Albomarginata family and has a very fresh appearance because of its bleached edges. 
  2. Rose Grey Knight – Grey Knight has a royal appearance. The color of the petals are breathtaking!
  3. Ageratum Blue Planet – Ageratum is one of the real early summer flowers. The interesting look and feel makes this an excellent flower to use in your floral designs.
  4. Smilacina Racemosa – Not only the looks of Smilacina are fantastic, but also its fragrance! This flower smells a little lemony, and thus perfect for table decorations!
  5. Eryngium Button – The sturdy, ball-shaped bloom of Eryngium Button will add an interesting texture to summery bouquets!
  6. Phlox Bright Eyes – The blooms keep opening! Phlox Bright Eyes will make sure that there is enough to see.
  7. Calla Captain Violett – Captain Violett has a stunning vintage-looking lavender color. It is the pastel version of Calla Paco! Perfect for early summer wedding decorations.
  8. Campanula Medium Champion Blue – If you are opting for a romantic look, this Campanula Medium variety cannot be missed!
  9. Dahlia Light Wizard – Dahlia cannot miss out on our list of favorite early summer flowers. Light Wizard is really versatile to use because of its creamy color. You ca simply mix it wih any other flower!
  10. Allium Dutchman – This Allium variety has a beautiful deep, warm purple color. In combination with pink and lavender-colored flowers Dutchman will really stand out!
  11. Rose Spray Royal Porcelina – Porcelina is a true summer favorite. These Spray Roses are already available in early summer, and will stay available all summer long!
  12. Aster Cassandra – The delicate flowers of Cassandra look amazingly in bohemian-spirited bouquets.

Early Summer Flowers in The Holex Webshop

In our webshop, you can find a wide assortment of early summer flowers. Besides the fabulous range that the Holland department offers directly to customers worldwide, we also offer a selection of early summer flowers in the Miami webshop department to our North American customers. If you have any questions about products, availability or pricing, please contact your Account Manager.