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Our Favorite Early Summer Flowers [2020]

Which flowers are available in early summer? Right now, when it’s only half June, already we can find so many amazing varieties in our cooler, it looks like summer already has begun! Summer is the season of a lot of colorful, exciting seasonal flowers, which sometimes are only available for a short period of time. That’s why our buying team has selected their favorite early summer flowers. Be inspired, and visit our webshop to see the current offerings!

Our Favorite Early Summer Flowers

Achillea Lilac Beauty

The delicate lilac-colored blooms of this Achillea variety make sure to add texture to floral designs

Allium Cepa Judith

This extraordinary looking Allium variety is great to use in larger floral arrangements, because we have them available with stem lengths 80 and 90 cm!

Astrantia Roma

Astrantia Roma

The bohemian trend will not be ended soon, and Astrantia is a perfect flower to use in boho-spirited floral designs! Roma has a fabulous vintage pink color, which matches great with other greyed colors, and for example, shades of burgundy.

Calla Accent

Calla Accent | Holex Flower

Look at this stunning Calla Lily variety! The distinctive shape that belongs to Callas, combined with the cool-toned purple color makes this a perfect flower to use in modern designs.

Dahlia White Ballet

Dahlia White Ballet | Holex Flower

The Dahlia season is in full swing! Did you know that we ship them in procona boxes, which ensures a great product quality? This Dahlia White Ballet is one of our favorite varieties at the moment, but make sure to check out the complete Dahlia offerings in our shop!

Echinops Blue Globe

Echinops Blue Globe | Holex Flower

Looking for some odd textures for your summer bouquets? Echinops is your flowers of choice! Blue Globe has a really nice color which, for example, also matches great with Eryngium Aquarius Qstar.

Eremurus Rumba

Eremurus Rumba | Holex Flower

Another perfect flower for large floral arrangements! Eremurus, available in stem lengths from 100 – 130 cm (!),  is a flower that you can enjoy for a long time. Upon arrival, the cone is filled with buds, that will open up one after another. Eremurus Rumba is an amazing orange variety, but we also offer yellows and whites!

Gentiana Blue Sky

Gentiana Blue Sky | Holex Flower

If you say summer, we say: Gentiana! For sure, this is one of the most beautiful Dutch-grown summer flowers. Look at its unique deep blue color! Gentiana Blue Sky will look amazing in every kind of floral summer design.

Gerbera Pasta Rosata

Gerbera Pasta Rosata | Holex Flower

Although Gerberas are year-round available flowers, we believe that this Pasta variety breathes out summer. Rosata will brighten up any design!

Hosta Francee

Hosta Francee | Holex Flower

Hosta is a typical summer greenery variety, and therefore cannot be missed in this list. Francee has creamy edges, will gives it a vivid look!

Hydrangea Pink Assorted

Hydrangea Pink Assorted | Holex Flower

At Holex, we really love Hydrangeas! This Pink Assorted Mix is a great value-for-money mix: you will receive the best and most beautiful varieties available at the moment, for a very competitive price!

Lathyrus Moon Mixed

Lathyrus Moon Mixed | Holex Flower

Maybe you know this flower under the name Sweet Pea? The heavenly fragrance is one that belongs to summer. If you have any weddings scheduled, make sure to present this Moon Mix to your brides couple as a part of the wedding bouquet. Success guaranteed!

Lisianthus Botanic Blue

Lisianthus Botanic Blue | Holex Flower

Have you ever seen a Lisianthus variety with such delicate blooms? Botanic Blue will fit perfectly in any kind of summery floral design!

Nigella Blue

Nigella Blue | Holex Flower

Nigella is a typical summer flower, and is available in blue and white. The distinctive looking delicate bloom and foliage will surely turn heads!

Peony Etched Salmon

Peony Etched Salmon | Holex Flower

In summer time, Peonies cannot be missed in our range! Etched Salmon is a truly breathtaking variety, that, with no doubt, will fulfil its natural leading role in your floral design.

Peony Ole Faithful

Peony Ole Faithful | Holex Flower

This amazing Peony will definitely turn heads! Use it as focal flower (you only need a few!) in bouquets and centerpieces, and your customers will be stunned!

Rosa Spray Sweet Flow

Rosa Spray Sweet Flow | Holex Flower

Dutch-grown Spray Roses have a lot of blooms per stem, and also BIG blooms! Sweet Flow has an amazing, dreamy color and a great vase life. Thus, a perfect flower for summer designs!

Ruscus Aculeatus Painted Light Pink

Ruscus Aculeatus Painted Light Pink | Holex Flower

Who says that you can only use painted greenery during the holiday season? These light pink painted Ruscus Aculateus will make sure that your summer designs will look very distinctive!

Scabiosa Lisa

Scabiosa Lisa | Holex Flower

Scabiosa is another typical summer flower that cannot be missed in this list. Make sure to check out our webshop to see in which colors we have this amazing flower available!

Veronica Clea Diana

Veronica Clea Diana | Holex Flower

And last but not least: Veronica! Clea Diana has a purplish blue color which looks really summery. But also family members in white and pink will look great in summer designs!

Early Summer Flowers in The Holex Webshop

In our webshop, you can find a wide assortment of early summer flowers. Besides the fabulous range that the Holland department offers directly to customers worldwide, we also offer a selection of early summer flowers in the Miami webshop department to our North American customers. If you have any questions about products, availability or pricing, please contact your Account Manager.

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