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Our Favorite Easter Flowers [2019]

Easter is not only about colored eggs and bunnies. It is a perfect occasion to bring the colorful joy of spring flowers to your home. It is the time when most people pay that little extra attention to their home and decoration again after winter. We’ve made a list of our favorite Easter flowers that are an absolute must for this you and your customers. Check it out below!

  1. Spiraea Grefsheim – This white/green flower is great as filler or base for your floral designs.
  2. Allium – A perfect spring and Easter flower with bright purple color and strong fragrance.
  3. Craspedia Paintball Globosa – A happy yellow ball that will literally stand out your design.
  4. Daffodil Bridal Crown – Bright white flower with a dark orange center.
  5. Ranunculus Cloony Lemon – This Ranuculus variety has exactly the same color as lemon pie. Yummy!
  6. Scilla Blue – Little but beautiful! This little blue one looks great when combined with yellow.
  7. Syringa Lavender – There are so many purple flowers on this Syringa. Simply amazing!
  8. Fritillaria Uva Vulpis – The flowers of Uva Vulpis look like little eggs. Perfect for Easter.
  9. Ornithogalum Saundersiae – A flower with a out of the box look.
  10. Ranunculus Butterfly Phytalos – Perfect yellow color for Easter.
  11. Viburnum Roseum – Viburnum fits perfectly in every design, so also for Easter!
  12. Hyacinthus China Pink – Once this Hyacinth opens, it has beautiful pink pastel colored flowers.
  13. Achillea Park Variety – Use the head of this flower to create a yellow flower bed.
  14. Scilla Peruviana – The flowers perfectly fit as a circle around the dark center.
  15. Tulip French Dordogne – A Tulip with a large, straight, orange colored head.
  16. Scabiosa Stafa – The center of Scabiosa Stafa is cream colored.
  17. Genista Yellow – The brown and yellow of Genista make a great combination. And that all in one flower!
  18. Leucocoryne Andes – A very sweet flower with great colors.
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