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Our Favorite Spring Hydrangeas [2019]

Hydrangeas are very versatile flowers and available in a wide palette of colors. Which varieties are best to use this time of the year? Our buyers have selected our top 8 favorite Hydrangea varieties for springtime. Be inspired by our selection of these great varieties, and surprise your customers by using these gorgeous spring Hydrangeas in your designs!

Hydrangea Bela

Hydrangea Bela | Holex Fflower

A stunning deep cool blue with a hint of lavender: Navy Blue really surprises with its fresh appearance.

Hydrangea Verena Pink

Verena Pink Hydrangea

The soft light pink color of Verena Pink adds a touch of romance to every design.

Hydrangea Sibilla Red

Although the name carries the word “red”, Sibilla actually has a deep hot pink color.

Hydrangea My Beautiful Riviera

A warm lavender purple Hydrangea variety, that matches great with pinks and other purples.

Hydrangea Schnbeeball

Schneeball Hydrangea

Schneeball is pure white and therefore the ideal Hydrangea for elegant wedding designs.

Hydrangea Beautensia Dali

Beau Dali Hydrangea

Dali has bi-colored petals: blue with white borders. It has a fresh and trendy appearance!

Hydrangea Verena Blue

Verena Blue is a wonderful blue-colored Hydrangea that is great if you’re looking for a soft blue pastel colored Hydrangea.

Hydrangea Magical Amathyst Pink

This Hydrangea variety is truly “magical”: the petals have a combination of fresh green and pink colors.

Hydrangea In Our Webshop

Visit our webshop or contact your Account Manager to check for availability and to order these wonderful Hydrangea varieties. Surprise yourself and your customers with these great cut flowers and order now!

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