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Our Favorite Summer Greenery

The summer season is around the corner, and besides all those stunning colorful summer flowers, there is also a wide range of beautiful greenery available in our cooler. With colors from bright green to deep dark green and greyish green, there are many, many design options! Our buyers have selected our favorite summer greenery from all of our offerings.

Favorite Summer Greenery | Holex Flower


Our Favorite Summer Greenery

  1. Asparagus Meyers – These bright green colored spheres look like they come right out of the water! If you are designing for a summer event, use these soft plumes to create an instant waterside feeling.
  2. Rosmarinus – Besides using this herb for cooking, it also has a very lovely appearance in vintage, boho chic floral designs. The little greyish green leaves are adorable, and the yummy perfume will really draw the attention!
  3. Leather Leaf – If you have read the #flowerwiki page of this green, you know that the varieties of ferns we know at the moment, are already existing for 145 million years! Leather Leaf is such a versatile green that it fits into every design trend and style.
  4. Aralia Leaf – Another well-known golden oldie is the Aralia Leaf. Who doesn’t know the funny hand-shaped leaves? Especially in summertime, Aralia cannot be left out: when it is hot, you can use a leaf as fan 🙂
  5. Asparagus Cwebe – Cwebe is the sturdy guy of the Asparagus family. The branch is thicker and tougher than the other varieties, but therefore perfect to use in bigger arrangements, because of its good vase life.
  6. Eucalyptus Lancet – The name already says it all: the leaves of Eucalyptus Lancet are shaped like medieval swords. If you are looking for a texture-bringer, this is a perfect green to use!
  7. Eucalyptus Populus – The greyish green color of Eucalyptus Populus together with its lovely smell, makes this one of our all-time favorite summer greenery varieties!
  8. Olive Leaf Europaea – For an instant Mediterranean look and feel, use Olive Leaves! These branches are not only delightful as trees but also as green in a floral design. Perfect if you are designing for an outdoor summer wedding!
  9. Pittosporum Ilan – This Pittosporum variety has variegated leaves and thick branches. A perfect filler with a romantic, bohemian appearance.
  10. Cyrtomium Fortunei – Another green for an immediate boho feeling is the Cyrtomium Fortunei. The leaves bend a bit over and are really beautiful to use in summer wedding bouquets.
  11. Cinnamomum – Looks like a grass variety, but is actually a member of the laurel family! These leaves are from the cinnamon tree, and if you are lucky, they even smell like it.
  12. Asparagus Setaceus – Last but definitely not least in our favorite summer greenery list is Asparagus Setaceus. The delicate stems really breath out elegance, and therefore great to use in lots of summer designs, varying from bouquets to centerpieces!

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