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Our Favorite Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is THE season to use a mix of colors in your floral wedding design palette. Our buying team has selected their favorite summer wedding flowers from our offerings, to show you how versatile the range of flowers from Holland can be! Hot pink, bright yellow, romantic pastels and almost fluorescent colored flowers: mix and match and create the ultimate summer look and feel!

Our Favorite Summer Wedding Flowers | Holex Flower

Our Favorite Summer Wedding Flowers

  1. Hydrangea Rodeo Purple – Hydrangea Rodeo Purple will add volume and texture to any wedding design, and because of its striking color, your design will really stand out!
  2. Matthiola Aida White – Brighten up any summer wedding with the amazing smell of Matthiola. Because of the white color of the Aida flowers, the design combinations with this variety are endless.
  3. Calla Gold Medal – Gold Medal adds little sunbeams to your wedding bouquet or other floral wedding decorations.
  4. Lisianthus Alissa Yellow – Add a touch of romance with the lovely looking Lisianthus. Alissa Yellow has soft yellow, almost creamy looking flowers with fringed petals.
  5. Campanula Glomerata Superba – This summer flower is very versatile; it can be used in romantic, playful, and bohemian floral wedding themes. Mix and match with other flowers like Delphinium and Calla Lily for great design combinations!
  6. Rose Atomic – Fire up with this feisty Rose called Atomic! Your wedding designs will definitely be spiced up with this beauty.
  7. Liatris Callilepis – Liatris adds texture to your design in an instant! The spiky torches have a nice purple color.
  8. Baptisia Australis – These flowers breaths out summer freshness! The bright purplish blue flowers, the fresh green leaves: Baptisia Australis is one of our favorite summer wedding flowers!
  9. Antirrhinum Legend Yellow – Looking for a real eyecatcher? This very bright Anthirrhinum variety is what you need! Legend Yellow will definitely draw the attention!
  10. Rose Pink Takazzi – This Rose variety has such a distinct color! It holds between hot pink and almost fluorescent coral. Do you dare to take the challenge to insert this in your designs?
  11. Monarda Pico Vino – If you are looking for a distinct facial flower, Monarda is a great choice. The flowers are delicate and extraordinary!
  12. Peony Red Charm – The rich, Bordeaux red color add instant romance to any design! Need we say more?
  13. Deutzia Magical Spring – Deutzia Magical Spring has little white flowers which open up wonderfully. A perfect alternative for foliage!
  14. Aster Chanel Purple – A perfect filler with deep purple flowers.
  15. Allium Sicculum – The extraordinary shape of Allium Sicculum will really stand out in bouquets and table decorations! Even as a corsage flower, it will look pretty.
  16. Carnation Tonic Golem – Tonic Golem has a very bright, hot coral, almost fluorescent! Perfect to use in playful summer wedding designs.
  17. Hydrangea Magical Blossom – The lovely flowers of Magical Blossom are bicolored soft pink with fresh green.
  18. Carnation Kirsi – Kirsi has such a bright, lovely pink color: it must be every little bride’s maid girls dream flower.
  19. Rose Cappuccino – Cappuccino has a gorgeous color and can be used in romantic, field, and bohemian wedding designs.
  20. Achillea Liekio – The delicate little flowers of Achillea Liekio have a lovely cerise color, which matches great with every hot pink and purple color.
  21. Carthamus Zanzibar – Orange is a true summer color and therefore is Carthamus Zanzibar perfect to use in summer wedding spirited designs.
  22. Allium Purple Sensation – Another texture-maker! This bright, deep purple colored Allium variety has a shape that will cause a sensation.
  23. Peony Sarah Bernhardt – Sarah Bernhardt will always be one of our favorite summer wedding flowers. The pink color is just perfect!
  24. Delphinium Ajacis Dark Blue – Is your bride going for a color theme with the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet? This flower has the exact color!
  25. Calla Odessa – Go for a little contrast in your designs, by adding some darker flowers like this Calla Odessa. The bright colored flowers will instantly light up!
  26. Dahlia Linda’s Baby – This Dahlia variety has a breathtaking “old” orange color, with a hint of pink. Simply amazing!



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