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Our Top 10 Favorite Gladiolus Varieties

Gladiolus is a beautiful and majestic cut flower. It is available in many different varieties which all have different colors and flower shapes. There is so much to choose. To help you and your customers we’ve created a list of our favorite Gladiolus Varieties. Check out the list below. Visit our webshop to check for availability and to order. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Gladiolus Adrenalin

Adrenalin has pink-peach colored flowers and a dark pink stripe on the bottom of every flower.

Gladiolus Bananarama

No question where the name of this variety came from. We are sure this is the favorite variety of the Minions.

Gladiolus Eminence

The color of Gladiolus Eminence is very tropical and gives a happy summer vibe to your floral design.

Gladiolus Fat Boy

The color of Fat Boy is very romantic and shows passion. A great variety to use in centerpieces for wedding designs.

Gladiolus Live Oak

The flower shape stands out the most on this variety. The sharp edges give this variety a modern look.

Gladiolus Milka

Soft purple colored with small stripes at the end of every flower. Combine Milka with yellow flowers and be amazed.

Gladiolus Mozart

Mozart has smaller flowers than Bananarama but looks just as beautiful.

Gladiolus Purple Flora

If you’re looking for a variety with large purple flowers than Purple Flora is an excellent choice.

Gladiolus Red Balance

Red Balance breathes pure romance.

Gladiolus Sugar Babe

Go for this variety if you’re looking for a sweet, soft colored Gladiolus.

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Visit our webshop to see our current offerings of Gladiolus. Or contact your Account Manager for more information.

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