Our Top 11 Favorite Daffodil Varieties

Daffodils, which other flowers can tell you better that spring is around the corner? Our cooler contains a wide selection of great varieties, from white to yellow, single and double-flowered, single and spray. Our buyer has selected the 11 most favorite Daffodil varieties of this moment!

Daffodil Abba

Picture of Narcissus Abba

Nope, this Narcissus doesn’t come from Sweden. Like many Narcissus, Abba also originates from the Netherlands. It’s a beautiful orange/cream variety that blooms amazingly!

Daffodil Carlton

Picture of Narcissus Carlton

This variety has a light, pastel yellow colored flower with a little deeper yellow colored trumpet.

Daffodil Dick Wilden

Picture of Narcissus Dick Wilden

This gorgeous Daff has a double trumpet when the bud opens up!

Daffodil Dutch Master

Picture of Narcissus Dutch Master

The classic Daff: bright and yellow, with a big trumpet that screams ‘we are ready for the sun to come!’

Daffodil Ice Follies

Picture of Narcissus Ice Follies

A breathtaking cream colored flower with a yellow trumpet. Great for early spring wedding designs!

Daffodil Pinza

Picture of Narcissus Pinza

Pinza has a smaller trumpet but is nevertheless a real harbinger of spring.

Daffodil Sir Winston Churchill

Picture of Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill

Beautiful! This Daffodil looks like vanilla ice cream with a swirl of caramel. Such beauty when it opens up. A real joy to see and great to use in designs!

Daffodil Soleil D’Or

Picture of Narcissus Soleil D'or

What’s in a name? The many flowers of Soleil d’Or are like little golden suns!

Daffodil Spray Avalanche

Picture of Narcissus Spray Avalanche

The little cream-colored flowers of this Daffodil will definitely trigger an avalanche of spring feelings in your offerings!

Daffodil Wedding Bell

Picture of Narcissus Wedding Bell

A pure white Daff, that is Wedding Bell. Add some elegance to your spring designs!

Daffodil Ziva Paperwhite

A lovely, early available, spray Daffodil with white flowers. Great for wedding and spring designs.