Our Top 12 Favorite Winter Tulips [2019]

Tulip Agrass Gold | Holex Flower

Tulip Agrass Gold

This beauty with it’s bright yellow color is great to use in winter or spring designs. A beautiful pastel color that everyone loves.

Tulip Avant Garde

This cream colored double Tulip is great in combination with yellow and pink tulips.

Tulip Blue Diamond | Holex Flower

Tulip Blue Diamond

A blue/purple Tulip which colors slowly fade towards the edge of the petals. This Tulip variety also smells lovely!

Tulip Cognac

Cognac looks best with multiple in a bouquet or design. The unique color of the Tulip looks amazing the more are combined together.

Tulip Aphrodite | Holex Flower

Tulip Aphrodite

This Tulip combines perfectly with Hyacinthus, Viburnum and Lilac. Wonderful in spring designs.

Tulip Arctic Flame

One of the best Tulips to use in your winter designs. The white and cream petals give a perfect winter feeling.

Tulip Gabrielle

A beautiful variety with large, soft pink flowers. The color softly becomes paler towards the edges of the petals. Gabriella has a very strong and sturdy stem.

Tulip Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a pure white Tulip that works great in floral arrangements and wedding designs. Because of the artistic look this Tulip is always a good choice.

Tulip Bell Song

Very pretty and long-lasting. Bell Song is an amazing Tulip variety with violet-pink to coral colored petals and white edges at the top.

Tulip Crown Dynasty

The combination of the elegant shaped petals and large pink-white flowers make this variety really special.

Tulip Parrot Lady

Parrot Lady has petals that twist and turn artistically. This makes every Tulip unique and a joy for the eye!

Tulip Secret Parrot

A beautiful parrot variety that reveals it’s secret when it opens. A beautiful yellow-green heart appears.