Our TOP 15 Favorite Pastel Winter Flowers [2018]

Oh, joy! There are so many breathtaking pastel flowers available in our assortment in wintertime! It was difficult to choose, but we have selected our TOP 15 Favorite Pastel Winter Flowers!

 TOP 15 Favorite Pastel Winter Flowers

  1. Hydrangea Amazing Force – Even during the winter season we offer Hydrangea! This light pink variety brightens up any design.
  2. Delphinium Ballkleid – The dreamy purplish blue color of this variety is perfect for larger sized rustic centerpieces.
  3. Antirrhinum Potomac Early pink – Also known as Snapdragon. This flower is so versatile! Use it for some texture in a rustic bouquet, or bend the stem a bit and use it in a modern design!
  4. Limonium Sinzii Silver – The perfect basis for any rustic, romantic design.
  5. Tulip Salmon Parrot – The salmon, light apricot color of this Tulip variety stands out when the parrot petals open up.
  6. Tulip Cracker Parrot – Even Tulips can add some romance to a bouquet! It’s all about color and texture. And Cracker Parrot offers you both!
  7. Calla Lily Manila – Add a bit of elegance to your centerpiece or bouquet design with Manila, and you will create a luxurious appearance in a blink of an eye!
  8. Carnation Moonlight Aqua – The lavender color of Moonlight Aqua is breathtaking. A strong flower, with color power!
  9. Lisianthus Alissa Light Apricot – The peachy, light apricot color of the flowers of this Alissa variety has so many tones that it matches well with all other peach colored flowers!
  10. Lisianthus Alissa Light Pink – Looking for a romantic flower to use in a rustic wedding design? Alissa Light Pink is what you need!
  11. Clematis Amazing Miami – We just love the color of this Clematis variety! Go for a sturdy look with this flower: every stem is different, and therefore it will give your design an extraordinary, bohemian look and feel.
  12. Rose Cappucino – The color or Cappucino is gorgeous! Perfect for bohemian, rustic wedding bouquets.
  13. Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi – One word: stunning! These enormous Ranunculus flowers are delicate pieces of art, made by nature itself.
  14. Anemone Mistral Cenere – A real beauty! When the giant flower opens up, the dark heart becomes visible.
  15. Rose Spray Jana – A golden oldie: Jana adds structure to your design, and never lets you down because of the perfect vase life.

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