Our Top 7 White Winter Tulips

White is a pure, modern and innocent color. This makes it a perfect winter color with the nature turning white of snow and Christmas time in the same season. Although most people think of Spring when they think of Tulips, Tulips are absolutely fabulous in winter designs as well. Check out our top 7 white winter Tulips below. 

  1. Antarctica – Just as the name says, this beauty reminds of the blinding snow of the Antarctic.
  2. Maureen – A French Tulip with a very high head and long stem. Ideal if you wan to use a Tulip in a large centerpiece.
  3. Royal Virgin – Light green stem with silky white leaves on top. 
  4. Super Parrot – Parrots are extraordinary looking and will always look great. Just like this white variety.
  5. Mondial – If you’re looking for a double white Tulip than this is your choice!
  6. White Prince – The head of White Prince is small and long on a thin but strong stem.
  7. Silver Dollar – This Tulip with round-shaped head has a yellow eye that can be seen when the flower opens.