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Our Top 8 Dried & Preserved Flowers [2019]

Dried and preserved flowers are becoming more and more desired in our webshop. The way how we see and use dried flowers is slowly changing. We see these flowers more at weddings, floral designs, bouquets, and more. Holex has a broad range of dried and preserved flowers available! With that in mind, we have selected our top 8 dried and preserved flowers you need to offer in 2019.

Phalaris Preserved Bleached White

An all-white Phalaris looks totally lovely in a soft pink wedding bouquet.

Hordeum Dried Pink

This dried flower pairs incredibly well with a light pastel color tone or an adventurous pink color palette floral design.

Marcela Preserved Bleached White

This pure and uncomplicated white enrich the feel of a floral arrangement.

Lavandula Blue Dried

This dried flower has some intense texture and adds an amazing depth to a floral design.

Delphinium AJ White

A sophisticated white color draws out the beauty from a classic bouquet.

Statice Natural Pink

A soft pink color with some sweet shapes creates a lovely texture for an exotic pink floral design.

Eucalyptus Baby Blue Preserved

This attractive foliage is so versatile that it can be used in a minimalistic design like Ikebana or in a creative floral arrangements

Phalaris Preserved Dark Pink

This playful dried flower is the perfect flower to increase the mischievous feel of an adventurous pink bouquet.

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