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Painted Flowers that are Perfect for Christmas 2019

With Christmas drawing near, the internet fills up with articles about which trends will be popular this year. What will be the right colors for your table setting? Which colors should you choose to decorate the Christmas tree? And – perhaps the most important question to you as a floral professional – what colors will your customers be looking for when they come to you to buy their Christmas flowers?

Holex Flower got you covered. We roamed the internet to find out which color themes are expected to be hot and happening this year.

Note: in this list, we’ll be focussing on painted flowers for the North American market. If you’re looking for other products or will be ordering from outside North America, please refer to this list of Christmas Flowers.

Below are some of the themes that we found.

  • Blue Christmas. No, we’re not talking about “feeling blue this Christmas”. Blue promises to be one of 2019’s biggest contestants for the traditional Christmas colors.
  • Holidays of the senses. “The eye wants something as well” is what we say in the Netherlands, meaning that looks can be important too. Usually, decorations are already catered at the eye. This Christmas, however, all the senses want their share.
  • Silver and Ice Blue. A variation on the Blue Christmas, but one that is very suitable for the winter season.
  • Metallics and Black. Black is probably not the first color that you’re thinking of when picking your Christmas decorations. But, when used right it can be very classy. Combined with metallics it makes for a very original Christmas setting that will be sure to catch people’s attention.
  • Shades of Pink, White, and Green. White and Green have always been “Christmassy”, why not combine them with some subtle shades of pink to really make them pop?
  • And of course the traditional Christmas colors: Red, Green, Gold, and Silver.

In the assemblage that you can see below, you’ll find a wide range of gold, red and silver painted flowers. If you’re looking for even more inspiration for the upcoming Holidays, please also read our Christmas 2019 Shopping List.

1. Berzelia Spray Baubles Painted Red

2. Leucadendron Galpinii Painted White

3. Albiflora Brunia Painted Gold

4. Leucadendron Galpinii Painted White with Gold Glitter

5. Bell Reed Painted Red

6. Renosterbos Painted Red

7. Renosterbos Painted Silver

8. Renosterbos Painted Gold

9. Cedar Painted Gold with Gold Glitter

10. Cedar Painted Gold

11. Casuarina Painted Gold

12. Casuarina Painted White with Gold Glitter

13. Bell Reed Tinted Gold

14. Bell Reed Tinted Silver

15. Cedar Painted Silver with Gold Glitter

16. Cedar Painted Silver

17. Cedar Painted White

18. Cedar Painted White with Gold Glitter

19. Casuarina Tinted Silver 20. Casuarina Tinted White

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