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Spice Up Your Xmas Designs with Painted Hypericum!

Hypericum of itself already breathes out Xmas spirit, but with a little layer of paint, glitter, or snow it has a festive appearance even more! If you are looking for Christmas products for your holiday range, these Painted Hypericum varieties are must-haves.

Hypericum painted Red with Glitter
Hypericum painted Copper with Glitter
Hypericum painted Silver with Glitter
Hypericum painted Gold with Glitter
Hypericum with Snow and Glitter
Hypericum painted Red
Hypericum with Snow
Hypericum painted Copper
Hypericum painted Gold
Hypericum painted Silver

Painted Hypericum in The Holex Webshop

When you visit the Holex webshop, look up Hypericum in the left menu by product groups. The screen will fill itself with amazing varieties, and you will also see the painted, glittered, and snowed varieties! For any questions about pricing and availability, please contact your Holex Account Manager.

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